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  1. Hi, can you clarify this quote for me please? As far as I know husbands/partners are not liable for their spouses debt and are not legally obliged to offer payment towards them?
  2. Another success from Halifax!!! £1100 returned from a missold mortgage repayment protection plan. Thanks CAG - another donation on the way.
  3. I'd rather take advice from them than someone who has no grasp of English grammar and who feels the need to SHOUT his username. Your/ You're??? And Post Office is 2 words.
  4. Indeed - I've lost count of how much I've spent on Recorded/Special Delivery I do enjoy composing a letter to the idiots though - I find it quite therapeutic
  5. Let's see if Egg respond to this complaint - they've ignored my 12 letters Thanks loads for the info, CM
  6. Thanks - will try that address. Have already sent a formal complaint which, guess what, they ignored
  7. Having sent 6 letters to Egg since February I am still getting the " We still haven't heard from you about your arrears..." bobbins on a regular basis. They quite blatantly have, as I have proof of postage and delivery but I wondered if there was another address where I could contact them (not the Pride Park one). They are demanding that I phone them but I said I'd be happy to as soon as they forward me the relevant legislation (which I know doesn't exist) which requires me to discuss matters over the telephone....they ignored that letter too
  8. I received confirmation today of refund from Halifax for mis-sold PPI on a secured loan - just over £1300! I'm absolutely delighted as times are hard for us at the moment and this money makes a lot of difference. Only took one letter and about 6 weeks - all thanks to this site. Will be making a donation as soon as the cheque clears! CM
  9. Hi, just checking that I'm right in thinking that there is no law which states that you must communicate over the phone with creditors. I think that they're "allowed" to contact you between certain times & so many times a day - can anyone confirm where I can find these guidelines? I have kept a log of all calls (often 6 messages in 2 hours) but I'm most p****d off about the fact that I've had no response to any of my letters in over 3 months. I keep getting the standard "...you have not contacted us with any suitable proposals for repayment..." letter. And yet I have - and
  10. I haven't used the card - it was cut up in Feb. There was a monthly subscription for a Sky channel coming off the card every month but I cancelled it in Feb. The company have continued to take the money though - so B'card think I have been knowingly using the card - but I haven't. It's long gone.
  11. I like the sound of that! I now have another problem because after receiving my latest statement it would appear that a company has still been taking subscriptions from the card; the last one on the 30th March. This was cancelled in Feb but the company have a 30 day cancellation policy so have taken a final payment. So of course it looks like there has been recent activity on the card. Grrrrr However on my previous statement it said that the credit limit had been suspended and the card was overlimit - so WHY did they allow this payment to go through? As far as I am concerned the ac
  12. Does anyone know how I complain about these fools? Their constant calls have got me at breaking point now I can only find a form on the OFT website for advisers to fill in - I know they don't respond to individual cases but is there any way to contact them myself? And who else can I complain to? I have put the account into dispute now and as far as I'm concerned they can whistle for their money THeY MUST PAY FOR THEIR EVIL DEEDS Mwa ha ha ha (evil laughter )
  13. Tell me about it - I've logged hundreds of calls - including 6 in less than 3 hours on Easter Sunday I had a reply to my harassment letter saying they were investigating but they still haven't stopped calling So you are in dispute but still making reduced payments? Cos that is what I want to do but am worried it will be seen as an acceptance of what they sent me (if you see what I mean?) CM.
  14. So does that mean I can continue to pay the reduced amount and tell them to bog off when they hassle me for more or is it in my best interest to stop paying?
  15. The only thing I received from them was a badly photocopied set of terms and conditions from 1996 and a copy of their current conditions.
  16. The problem I have is that I know I owe the money and I don't really want to stop paying them (Too honest I know.) I just want to be sure that they can't take me to court. So I'm not sure what to do Can I contest what they have sent me whilst still paying my reduced payments? As a goodwill gesture? Any thoughts much appreciated, CM.
  17. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any info regarding reclaims on this type of policy? We transferred our Halifax mortgage to a tracker rate in 2001. We were told that our existing mortgage payment plan with them was "inadequate" (the advisers exact words) and we would have to take out the new TMPP policy in order to qualify for the tracker rate. Being incredibly naive at that time and being on friendly terms with the adviser we did not question this. Having joined this site to deal with other financial problems I now feel that we were missold the policy, especially as it is essential
  18. Stroke a badger - you have the best name!! I still have no idea what I should receive in response to my CCA request - the T & Cs I've received contain all the stuff about credit limit, repayments, interest etc. but its just a generic document - should I receive a copy of the ACTUAL document that I signed?? CM.
  19. Just wondering if anyone has actually received a correct credit agreement from B'card and if so, what it should look like?
  20. I'm sorry - I'm being incredibly thick here but even after trawling through this site for days I'm still not sure what I should receive Does the agreement have to contain a signature/address etc? Do they have to send me an exact copy of what I signed? I have read the legalese which defines what I should receive but it's all a bit wordy and I can't seem to make head nor tail of it Sorry if I'm being dim. CM.
  21. Harassment letter already sent - now moving on to formal complaint as they ignored it. So they haven't fulfilled their obligations then? T & Cs aren't enough? CM.
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