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  1. Have you any ideas why they have gone quiet and are being investigated?
  2. Sorry for late response. so you didn't do a time order? No you let them repo? Yes it was for you to initiate VT but you never cameback to update us tell us about the repo The repossession was agreed with notice and was official with signatures etc. They have gone very quiet since after initially sending a few letters. I threatened them with going bankrupt and made them an offer of 10k via installments but I believe they are being investigated by the FCA. A friend of a friend of mine who is a solicitor reckons they are repossessing every day all over the place an
  3. Hi, I would like some advice on the above cowboys. I had my car repossessed for non payment that I am guilty of, I purchased the car for around 15k and had paid around 3k at the time of repossession. The car was sold at auction for 9k yet they are insisting I pay them 19.5k. I feel my only option is to go bankrupt and then they get nothing. I have offered them repayments on a reasonable settlement but they offered 10k lump sum settlement for it all to go away. The advice I would like is; 1. The car risk stands them at 15k they have a genuine shortfall of 4k
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have tried emailing them and explaining the situation but they insist on not being interested. I have requested the documents(default/termination) so I can take the matter to court. They say the recovery agents will be happy to show the documents upon collection. The car will be kept on secure private property but they are saying they will report the car stolen, is this right or can I just apply to court to try and present my case? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. I am not sure what the agreement is however I think It will be the one they generally have. I will look but I am away at the moment. I changed my address verbally over the phone and the they said they didnt have this info therefore sent the documents and pick up truck to my old address. As i say I am more than willing to go to court with this because the shortfall will be 10k for a car that I will no longer have. Thanks again in advance.
  6. Hello, Can someone help before I go and seek legal advice. I bought a car of these guys six months ago, I had a few issues with my bank account getting cloned and reported this to them with also a change of address. They have now terminated the agreement without me receiving the paperwork and sent a recovery truck. I can clear the arrears and make the payments as agreed from now on in and I have made them aware of this. They just say tough but I am willing to go to court. They have threatened me with they will contact the police and report the car stolen.
  7. Hi, I have staements from a court case with my parents if you need i will get them to you. Regards Paul
  8. My parents have a loan with these and are in arrears they borrowed 34k on a mortgage and will be 90 when it is suppposed to be paid up. because of the arrears more like a 100 years old im looking for help as they have paid 20k back and still owe 42 k after originally borrowing 34 can someone please help or is sparkie still about?
  9. Excellent news sparkie don't forget I'm as much as up for a scrap with these as you let me know if I can do anything
  10. Good luck sparkie I hope it goes well like we all know it should do!
  11. Exactly was he blind or had he been??????? This is what we are up against!
  12. Marky is spot on I'm afraid this country and it's people take any sh&t they throw at be it taxes,mps expenses and corruption we put up with it,I'm involved with these *EDIT* due to my parents we have another year before we can say cheerio, I was in court myself with them recently and got my pants pulled down. They are legal dick turpins and as long as governments allow it to go on probably gaining backhanders along the way it will continue and the richer get rich and so on sparkie I feel for you mate but I now believe we are on a loser and need to educate people to avoid these *EDIT* l
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