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  1. I have had a disputed account appear on my credit file this month. I have disputed the fees added to the account. What remedy would anyone suggest to get it taken off my credit file?
  2. I complained about Capital One who were harassing me with phone calls even though I had already told them not to contact me by phone but to write me letters or emails. I logged a 5 week period and they phoned me about 130 times. I complained to the Ombudsman service and after their investigation their representative basically come to the conclusion that Capital One were perfectly within their rights to phone me 130 times in a 5 week period.I was astounded. Capital One without taking any blame offered me £75 as a goodwill gesture,which I turned down. I was claiming £600 compensation for harassment which the Ombudsman rep basically stated I had no chance of getting in his first phone call to me, even before he had done his investigation. Anyway, I did some research and appealed to an actual Ombudsman. I included in my appeal quotes from a judgment from a UK high court in a similar case to mind, which wiped the floor with the logic of the guy who conducted the initial investigation. My appeal was successful and the Ombudsman offered me £400 compensation, which I accepted. I believe I could have got a lot more if I had by passed the Ombudsman and gone to court. So even though I was successful in the end, I expect a lot of people would have stopped when the original decision was in the negative. I really do not think a lot of the Ombudsman service, it was like the guy who conducted the original investigation was working for Capital One because he was just repeating what they had told me before. Absolute disgrace and I told him so.
  3. If it is in a bank then the tax will be deducted automatically. If the interest rate was 2.75% then you will only be getting about 2.2% after tax.
  4. I bought it on the 24 feb 09 and it took a few days to arrive in the post and yes I used paypal to pay for it.
  5. Hi, Please I am looking for some help. I bought a coiled hose pipe from a business seller on Ebay. It is supposed to stretch 50 foot but as I bought it to wash my car the length from the tap to the back of the car is about 30ft. Anyway I used it the first time and it was fine, the second time I used it when I pulled on it it kinked where it was connected to the tap and the water supply stopped coming thru. You have to pull on the hose to extend it. So the hose is not that good, pretty bad design fault I think. In the advert when I bought it it said it was kink resistant but this would seem not to be the case. I have been in contact with the seller and he has said to send it back to them, which will cost me money and if they find it is faulty then they would refund me all that I paid for it and the postage as well which is the law I believe. What I am worried about is if I send it to them and they say it is not faulty then where do I stand? As far as I can see a coiled hose that kinks when you pull it is not up for the job it is designed for. Should I take some pictures or video of the hose in operation or not in operation as the case would be as evidence if needed in any future case. Any advice would be very welcome. Many thanks.
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