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  1. Thats great Andie thanks for you advice How's your battle going?
  2. Hi Anide I'd paid 33 payments up until March! Just wondering if this letter is worth a toss? I think I remember something in a previous post about them needing a court order first? Kinda of need the car for another 2 or 3 weeks for work.....
  3. Hi Folks haven't been around in a while!!! Wow so much to catch up on.... I have unfortunately been unable to pay my car loan with Welcome for 3 months now. The money was in the account this month but apparently they cancel the DD after 2 months of non payment. They have sent me various letters which I have ignored as some people do in the hope they will go away..... Anyways back on track now and ready to sort my crap out. I need the car for work as I'm a driving instructor silly not to pay I know but the mortgage was the priority. They have sent me a WITHOUT PREJUDICE letter too sta
  4. A loan of £500 repaid over 50 weeks at £17.50....Imagine! cheeky swines = £875.00 are they for real.... They'd probably ask me to pay off my arrears with it haha
  5. Evening all got a lovely glossy A4 flyer from Shopacheck today..... thought that was Welcome????????????? Thought they had no money?
  6. Good Luck Tomorrow Post... Kick Ass Just Like Chelsea
  7. Hi folks been a while haven't done much by way of Welcome but have had a letter or 2!!!!! I received one for a personal which went unpaid last month and also a statement but have not received anything for a carloan which also went unpaid! Wonder if maybe just maybe they've mislaid my agreement........................
  8. Wow This Is Very Quiet..... Big Shout Out To The Guests!
  9. Evening All Been Off The Radar! A Nice Weekend Away Visiting The Family! Loads To Catch Up On My Head Is Fried...... Can't Wait For 2moro.. Where Has Our Friend Glous Disappeared To?
  10. Mojo Your Reading My Mind Again! They Only Seem To Be On During The Day!
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