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  1. Hi all I called dreams yesterday to check they have recieved my letter. The lady on the phone said they had recieved my letter, stating that they were not willing to except the inspection because it wasn't from one of there approved compaines and they would not refund the cost's????? Dreams never told me on the phone that if i had my own independant inspection done it would have to be from one of there approved compaines. They are saying that they are willing to get anouther one done for free now(last time it would cost me £40). Now i have already taken time off work so th
  2. Thank you fred, this is very usful info when applying for credit.
  3. Hi bank fodder thanks for the quick reply. i have been to court before for access to my children so im not scared and will follow this through. Is this letter ok. Dear Sir/Madam, We are writing to you in relation to an ongoing problem we are having with a faulty product we purchased from you. Dreams Order number:number Registered address of customers at time of purchase ( address) On 07/11/2007, we bought a mattress from your branch in Strood, since the purchase date we have realised that the product has developed a serious fault that is not from general wear and
  4. Hi everyone, my names kevin, and im a fool for buying a mattress dreams. lol. I recieved the mattress in my house on 6th december 2007. The mattress developed a fault within a 14 months, it was reduced in the sale to 1/2 price and cost about £1500. we took it out on buy now pay later, and if not paid we would owe the full amount. credit was with barclays. We paid off in full before the year ended. I took out the extra care (£20). The fault is that the matress has become lumpy and the foam top has moved to an angle and does not sit squarely on the pocket sprung mattress base. i
  5. help people. I spoke to the bank today who turned me down for an account. they looked into it and said that when they do a search with my middle inital the credit report is fine but if they do a search using my first name and surname only then its brings up my dads details. they asked me to fax over a copy of my credit file. so i have done that. i spoke with experian who told me they dont have the systems in place to be able to seperate us becuase we both have the same first name and surname, so i must tell ever person i apply for credit to include my middle inital. this
  6. hi people. i wonder if you can help me There seems to be a linked address on my file attached to a bank (london scottsih bank) its on there becuase me and my dad have the same names. The only thing that make us different is the age and middle name. How can i get this removed?
  7. clemma. prove it letter i will send. should i send it to empire or the dca. Thanks for your advice. it has been nice to have someone to chat to. i will give them a ring just to check they have the right address details. stop them saying they didnt. get ref's numbers etc. I dont get intimidated becasue the only debt i can go prision for is councle tax. so the rest can go jump! but i pay all mine so all is good. this is just a mix up. also i live in a shared house. i dont even have a car. haha. and for £210 i doubt they could do to much damage.
  8. Hi blue. i have reposted this to here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/189219-help-debt-collectors-needed.html also did ask for a reduction but they would only do £33. dont think im gonna pay the rest. considering thats all i had left.
  9. clemma, if you say dont call them i wont, i just dont want them to mess with my credit file again. would rather get it sorted before the CCJ is on there . prevention is better then cure right. oh and i want to get a house in two years time. if i can save enough.
  10. actually i think i did sign an agreement and send it back, not sure if they will be able to dig it out though becuase shop direct group bought empire and transfered my account. if i remember right the company went into administration. can anyone confirm this? i jsut read clemma post, should i do the prove it letter first? hi pink, sorry im not the most patient person at the best of times, lol. its a new skill im trying very hard to master.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I have already told them over the phone that i thought i owed the small amount. Can i really claim all the charges back even though i havnt paid any yet?. also i havent recieved any letters from the dca yet, i was passed on to them while trying to clear this mess up. im not sure i ever signed a agreement, i might have opened the acc over the phone. i think i did and sent it back via post. Anyway what i will do next is write to empire with a Subject Access Request, then call the dca to and ask them to send me details in writing. Then reply using the letter clem
  12. yep, the total for my purchase was £190. but id paid it all off right down to the last £33. so £187 are charges on top of the outstanding amount of £33 The debt has now been sold to Lowells.
  13. Hi everyone. I think i posted this in the wrong section so im putting it in here. I need a bit of advice and don’t know where else to go. I had an account with empire the catalogue. I remember I bought to bins off them back in 2008. My outstanding balance was £33. I also have a Littlewoods account and a Marshall Ward account. They are all owned by the shop direct group. I thought I updated all the accounts address’s when I moved but I apparently didn’t update the empire one. Anyway they have now passed on the debt to a collection agency; I only found this out becaus
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