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  1. I have been quietly observing for the last few days, everyone is so well ahead of me, I was taken in by gloucs but her answers to everyones questions even I knew. lol Stewie, such a laugh on Nigerian money
  2. Hi just catching up and noticed this with regards my agreement, thanks for that piece of info, will be looking into it.
  3. Thanks very much for looking and your opinion Peter
  4. Wow, great result - if u have any spare time, I see how busy u r, could u take a look at my agreement please Peter, Page 83 Post No 1656, many have looked but I am still not sure what my next move is ? Thanks
  5. Would you mind having a look at mine Peter if you have time. Mine is plastered on page 83 (couldnt even manage to post it correctly) post no 1656. Many kind people have looked at it and done the maths but I am non the wiser what to do next. I have sent WF a SAR and a CCA this week.
  6. Sorry this one for Biddy65 Have you scanned your agreement and got it in Photobucket - the rest im a bit stuck with as you can see I made a complete mess of posting it in the forum
  7. weyheyyyyy goin 4 a bottle of plonk or maybe some fizz xx
  8. Thanx for looking, cant really miss it can you. The deposit was one of my questions. Dont want to make your head hurt anymore be glad of your and any other thoughts on this another time. Thanx again
  9. err i think i'v done it, sorry to just land this in, I did ask last night, but taken all day to get this far, hope its ok. Hope someone can take a look, i dont understand any of it. Thanks
  10. Can I ask a silly question please : well behind the rest of you, just finished typing up cca and sar to welcome, going to post now, postal order for each, recorded delivery etc, but why dont we sign letter please; ended letters yours faithfully ******* ******* (name printed) is that it or do I still print name not sign in pen
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