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  1. But who would you sue? The company haven't paid the staff wages this month, suggesting no money in the company bank account to pay it and no money to claim if you sue. I am no expert but I dont think this is the right course of action to get your money back. This is the only contact info I can find for Anglo: ANGLO CAPITAL LTD 39-40 Calthorpe Road Edgbaston BIRMINGHAM B15 1TS Hope this helps.
  2. Directors name Ashley Jones as far as we know, but it seems the staff know very little! We were not aware before xmas, they through a huge xmas party for us at Worcester Rugby Club 2 weeks before xmas. Tele appointers and staff on probabtion were laid off w/c 04.01.2010, apparantly as a operating cost cutting exercise. None of the Advent/Access staff have recieved their wages today! Before xmas we were advised we could have 3 weeks paid overtime as we were doing so well and there was so much work. After the first lay off we were told we could only have a week. Then after we
  3. I have joined and just looked at it with my dad and I do agree with you, I dont even know who these people are! I am very, very concerned!
  4. The names on my letter as directors of Advent Consulting Ltd are Ashley Jones and Ivor Allchurch. We were also notified last year that Ashley would be the director and Ivor would be the chairman. If what you guys are saying is true, then who has truly been screwed over, all of their staff that have not got the first idea clearly at what has been happening. I came on the Advent forum to try and offer some help to those who need it as much as I do right now and I have no job and no training to fall back on!
  5. This is not a claim! It is exactly what we have been told. I also have no idea who John Whitehead is, which is very concerning as I have worked for the company for the last 16 months! My employer is Advent Consulting Ltd and the two directors names I have on my letter only match one mentioned. Just to make this clear, I have worked from the 1st January 2010 including 15 hours unpaid overtime and been laid off with the agreed guarnteed pay for 5 days of £21.50. I have a mortgage and am now out of a very good job and will probably have no wages until the practioner see fit to pay them
  6. Also on a more serious note, the only company you really want your training switched to is Computeach, they now stand alone as Barclays did exactly the same to them last year, but as they had been around for a much longer time where able to weather the storm. If Barclays changed your training provider please also check the following and if they are not registered with these companies they are not the equivelant: Microsoft Gold Partner CompTIA Learning Alliance Partner Institute of IT Training Gold Standard Accredited Training Provider Authorised Pearson View Test Centre REC Member
  7. Yes, get in touch with them as quickly as you can, if they had not withdrawn funding I would still be in a job and you would still be on your training course!
  8. PS neither of the directors are called Andrew Allchurch! I have no idea where this name has come from!
  9. I know just about as much officially as anyone can at this moment in time: The directors of Advent are also the directors of Access, they are sister companies. The following has happend to both Advent and Access: 17/12/2009 - Barclays Finance instead of releasing approx 3 million (yes you may not have know that, Advent/Access were not paid your money straight away it was released slowly & large amounts were held back to cover students that staterted the course and did not do the work and did not get a job and subsiquently did not pay Barclays back)for 2010 cash flow & instead
  10. Hi, I was a training advisor at Advent (please dont give me abuse, I am in a orrible situation too). We had no idea what was going on until we were laid off on 18/01/2010 and have pretty much been kept in the dark until about 18:00 27/01/2010. We will pobably not be paid this months wages or guaranteed lay off pay or the overtime we were more or less made to do the week before this happend. I would like to give you some advice. Please get your Barclays finance agreement out and ring the number on there. The finance was withdrawn by Barclays and your finance for your course unless you
  11. As far as I know you have to wait the 8 weeks to give them a fair chance to sort the complaint out (lol fair). Dont worry about the rant, I know exactly how you feel, most of the time it feels like you are hitting your head against a brick wall. On the bright side though, I would like to let everyone know that this morning I spoke to R***, who seems to be the only person at Capstone that sticks to there word and as of the 1st September 2009 there will no longer be any monthly charges added to my account! So now I am just paying £100 per month off the £4500 worth of charges, all my actual
  12. hmmmm I have to say the response I have had is laughable. On the 12th August 2009 they sent a letter recieved the 14th August 2009 (date they had to respond to my complaint by) from one of the people listed in my complaint that I said was clearly not senior enough to deal with my account queries asking me to contact them as a matter of urgency regarding the outstanding arrears on my account! No response about my complaint what so ever. Today I have filled out my complaint to forward to the FOS & will be getting supporting docs copied through the week to support my complaint. I am hopi
  13. Well guys, today is the day! I wonder if the postman will have delivered a reply to my complaint? I will let you know on Monday. Brassed off as far as I am aware and I am not an expert but after doing my research, charges cannot be classed as arrears as they are indeed charges on arrears and a completely seperate thing in their own right! They are a seperate thing to the money you have missed on your actual mortage and according to their charges list they do not have a standard charge they can charge you whilst you are paying the charges! If you have cleared the arrears then they cannot ch
  14. Hey guys...... Still waiting for the conclusion to my complaint. 8 weeks is up on Friday. On Monday I will be starting my official compaint to the FOS! I have already sent them a Subject Access Request to my full statement, do I need to send another 1 and another £10 to get solicitors costs, I have asked for copies of their invoices to them?
  15. Hi, Finally I have worked out how to start my own thread, yay! I am currently dealing with a suspended order on my home and would like to tell people my story so they dont give up on their own homes. Please read my complaint letter to see where I was at: This letter has been sent recorded delivery In reply to your letter dated the 21st May 2009 I would like to submit the following complaint: On the 16th March 2009 I called Capstone Mortgage Services to arange a higher payment on my arrears to prevent repossession. I was transferred to R*** in your litigation departm
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