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  1. Have you Googled Ashton Fox Solicitors? Google comes up with a site warning - not very comforting considering they're a law firm.
  2. The Lease Advice Bureau deals with these matters now leaseadvicebureau.com
  3. I got help from The Lease Advice Bureau They deal with issues of this nature and give free help to consumers
  4. I've just used the site and got 3 answers for £9.99 and a really good Guide. The answers are easy to understand and supplied in document form that can be downloaded - all the ammunition I need
  5. I have been hassled by my Landlord for the last 8 months over paying towrds general building work needed on the flats where I live - he wwanted me to pay £800 towards the cost of a new roof. Weekly visits from him nearly ruined my marriage but we did get some help purely by chance when we came across a website suggested to us by a guy from the ground floor. Anyone who rents a property and is having hassle with landlords should have a look at myleasecheck.com
  6. I have just been told that Loancheck have been stopped from going into liquidation by HMRC who are now investigating its directors
  7. Just over a dreadfull experience with TalkTalk which may shed some light on your problem. TalkTalk supply my phone and broadband service and have done so for 3 years Regular (nightly) problems of broadband throttling between 7pm and 7am 2 weeks ago broadband went off totally but phone stayed on. Called their tech support who informed me that due to their internal billing error the broadband had been terminated and that the telephone would also be cut off! The whole issue would be resolved by them within 7 days After 7 days elapsed the phone was never cut off but the broadb
  8. Hi Caro Heard nothing and number now unobtainable. Given up
  9. Though slightly off topic, has anyone had a look at myleasecheck.com ? Seems to be a different route for businesses having a go at lenders and with current caselaw finding in favour of the business worth a shot
  10. Thanks but unfortunately I gave them a cheque!!!! I'm using the DIY PPI software that Black Knight supply I paid by credit card for that and it only cost me £34.97 for the software. At least I can control my claim now and it's really easy to use. I've had enough of Claims Mangement Companies charging a fortune and not doing anything and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks like that!!!!
  11. I have seen a lot of these Emmetts reports and they cannot be relied upon - Black Knight Associates recently reviewed over 1000 cases for Ratio and rejected 95% of them!!! All of these cases had a positive report from Emmetts and the clients had been charged £295 (negligence claim there I think). What's even worse is the fact that Ratio were apparently made aware of this last year but by then they could not afford to pay any money back as most of it had either been piad to Emmetts and The Claims Warehouse.
  12. It's just that I paid them £235 last year to help me with my case and I haven't got anywhere since They also have all of my bank details!!!
  13. Have Loancheck now closed down? The last operating company was yourloancheck.com limited but there website is unavailable.
  14. This was recently posted by Black Knight on another website:- Dear All Just for clarification. Black Knight Associates (BKA) provides Case Management Software and Litigation Lending to a number of experienced panel law firms operating in the Financial Irregularity claims market. As part of the lending process BKA requires a risk assessment to be undertaken to determine if a claim has sufficient merit to proceed. They further provide the software to perform this risk assessment. Ratio Money, and several other CMC's, have referred claims to these BKA panel soli
  15. As soon as it is available I will place a link on this site.
  16. My personal take on the Report is that, having had some experience of such legal assignments before, Carmel Butler is absolutely correct in her assertion that the actions taken are (technically) in breach of criminal law. The Forensic Audit firm are likely to be in a position to report the findings before the end of March.
  17. I am new to this Forum but specifically joined because of this thread. I have read in detail Carmel Butler's report, particularly sections 44 to 50 which are extremely relevant to consumers. This report has been passed to an eminent QC who has great knowledge in such matters and he will report back with his full opinion to a Luxembourg firm of Forensic Auditors, Loancheck SA. They will then make this opinion public.
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