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  1. Don't be silly Steam! Just stop paying your mortgage and start flicking through the holiday brochures. It's a done deal already and a FACT of LAW in the World of Applecart. There is no contract law to be considered. Just a something for nothing attitude that would not score any points in the legal system, but they will seek to 'tweak' even if they don't have a case of their own to 'tweak'. I find that to be completely irresponsible.
  2. TICK TOCK. Surely you'd already know by now with the interest you have in the case? Why should or would anyone give you that information even if they had it? Only the parties involved have sight of the decision and have you not questioned why they haven't told you or asked you to get further involved? You are very presumptuous in thinking you'd have any part in fighting this for 'years' and will take it as far as European Courts unless you are putting YOUR money where your mouth is! If they no longer want your advice and you are not a party in the proceedings than just how are you going to move the case on? Are you getting a case of your own together?
  3. And ones husband if they are going to have them act as a credible witness! Seems pretty much like the case was doomed from the start and what little there was to put advance on was lost in the unreliability of Mrs. Frost and the exaggeration of her defense.
  4. The Apple has spoken Dodge. You are urged to answer the question NOW, THIS SECOND (& preferably with something that AGREES wholly with the APPLE). Thanks for posting that case Fletch. A very interesting read.
  5. Hi Winged Piglet, In your 70 self-assuring posts since 2009 I would have thought you would have caught on to the basics of law by now especially if you have 'directed' someone to this thread that in turn has gone to the PC. I didn't see your original post but it appears to have been answered in a fashion that you didn't concur with or understand. I'm not being rude but if you don't understand something then look into it and learn. There are lots of books available and courses, plus the online stuff that will get you started. You really do have to back to the basics to understand how law operates and how a mortgage can still stand without a signed agreement. The thread still makes sense and the mods. do a good job of that. Everyone gets posts removed now and again and it's nothing personal just as the banter isn't personal. It's a mooting ground and we are bound to differ in opinion and only human when it comes to chatting.
  6. I agree. Let's hope you have some luck on getting a response as I've made some enquiries but not heard anything back yet. It would be nice if the OP and Apple came back, even if it didn't work at least they can say they tried. Perhaps then another way forward can be found as there is no shortage of knowledge and people that will help on here. I didn't think I missed much lol. You'll be asking Fletch to take you to Krakow next! I'm sure they love you really.
  7. I actually thought by now that there would be some answers. Seems not. It appears I have missed something but it probably wasn't relevant if it was removed. Have a nice time in Krakow Fletch. I've never been but my cousin assures me that his travels around there were well worth it.
  8. Thanks bhall, I know Apple didn't like any reference to the subrogated cases, but they all have one thing in common. A bank wins regardless of registration or deeds. That's stating the obvious when it's subrogated, but the judges agree with common law and that is the right to security when a mortgage is given regardless of how complicated the case is. Certainly more appropriate legislation is needed for a borrower to defend a case and for the protection of any equity they have in a property.
  9. A much more recent case as food for thought. http://www.walkermorris.co.uk/business-insights/court-appeal-considers-detail-required-unilateral-notices I've yet to read the full judgement but the terms used and the distinctions are worth a look.
  10. Being under the threat of losing your home is never a good thing and, for all the banter, I wish the people involved well. I do wonder if it could have a sting in the tale if the property were to be sold at some future point? On the points raised and the argument against the lender would that have to be declared to a future buyer and lender? Just a thought.
  11. Do we know who the solicitors were? Or has that all been covered over as well?
  12. I was told that the decisions had been sent out to the parties concerned Fletch and that it would not be made available online. Anyone requiring a copy of the decision would need to have a direct interest and make a case to the judge for a copy to be disclosed.
  13. I will when I go that way again Fletch. I'm only in West Brom..so it's not that far
  14. Seems to have gone very quiet all of a sudden or is it me? Gone for a lie down have we Apple?
  15. Right then... If such a ground breaking case were to ever win. What do you actually think would happen to that decision? Surely such a point of law would be open for all to see? It would appear that because the criteria needed, should that case have won, has not been met. '(1) they contain a statement of law or practice that is of general interest, and may be of assistance to other parties using the website or (2) they decide points of law which have not, so far as the Adjudicator has been able to ascertain, been the subject of any other decision or (3) they are in some other way of general importance.'
  16. Thanks for your concern Apple but the posts and the call were made safely before I got behind the wheel ta...
  17. Well I must say. That was a very interesting phone call. So much for the ground breaking legislation changing cases. Anything you want to add Apple?
  18. No Apple it is aimed at the liar in the room and that would happen to be you.
  19. Have I really just seen that? From saying the judges agreed and now we are back to it being asserted? Something tells me someone is making this up.
  20. I should stop by there then as I'm just heading out to Bournville now. Bye!
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