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  1. http://forum.alzheimers.org.uk/showthread.php?67184-Diagnosing-dementia-My-relative-wont-go-to-the-doctor-Podcast-February-2014 Trying to get things sorted and found this which I hope can help others. Thanks reallymadwoman. My Dad is the same when it comes to driving. I can only compare it to having children and that's hard when they are your parents and you are the child! They take no notice of what I say even if it's in their best interest. I don't have any plans to pack them off to a care home and I'm always there for them. The stubborn muppets just don't realise it, even after a week with my sister trying to help out. Tomorrow she goes back to -20 + wind-chill=- -40. It makes a change for someone to compliment the weather in England and say how warm it is. Perhaps she could take our parents and put them on ice until they find a cure for old age! For now we are taking it a step at a time and just doing what we can.
  2. I thought as much..you have to wait until it gets worse before things can get better. A little disappointed at the lack of response but I know it's an awkward subject.
  3. Lol.. that made me chuckle Grumpy! Yes it's the 2014 model. It just, sometimes, cuts out after less than a minute at standstill and even when moving at low revs. Yesterday it cut out whilst moving in a line of traffic and stopped like it had hit a brick wall! It took about 10 minutes to restart by trying both the key and button. Not a good situation to be in at rush hour and blocking traffic on both sides of the road due to parked cars. It's been back to the garage before and they haven't found any fault. After yesterdays performance it is now back at the garage as it's just not safe to drive. I just wondered if anyone else here had this as it does seem from some other websites that other users have had similar problems. Thanks.
  4. Anyone else having problems with this 2104 model cutting out, far sooner than it should, and not starting again for a while?
  5. Hehe.. I'm the last post .........
  6. I remember all the aid given to Romanian orphanages and what happened to that. The money disappeared along with the people that ran them. I get annoyed by the water ads. too! If the middle of Australia can get water,and Las Vegas, then why haven't these nations developed a water source after all the millions they have received over the years? I don't want a cuddly toy, pictures of a child or a newsletter. I expect that anyone else wouldn't want it either and would like to know that every penny went towards the cause. I know they have running costs and expenses, that's fine, but not the merchandise that someone else is making more money on. I don't think we can compare hunger in this country to somewhere like Africa. People say they have nothing to eat here just because they don't want to eat it. They wouldn't be content with just a bowl of plain rice, that just wouldn't be 'food' to them. I do donate to charities but when I found out how much some of the managers were getting I'm no longer supportive of some. How can they be a charity worker if they are getting £100,000+? The answer I got was that they need the 'right' people to make it work. I didn't find that answer to be helpful at all as I'm sure many scholars would do the job for far less. That's just the salary for the home grown CAB bunch ..the managers.. not the ones higher up the chain as regional managers or head honchos. Economically and politically... Africa? The world is unstable enough as it is without giving them more. I get enough emails form Nigeria as it is without the rest of the country joining in! I think we still give aid to poppy and tobacco growers. For the poppies growers it's an incentive to grow other things instead but is that working? We are just a small island but seem to commit an awful lot of money by comparison considering our circumstances. Just saying.
  7. My Mom seems to be in the early stages of dementia or has had mini stroke. She is 72 and has always been active until late 2013 when she became ill with a rushed diagnosis of a urine infection. She hasn't been the same since, not cooking, forgetting things, frequently repeating things and not eating much. My Dad has his own health issues and has tried to get her to see a Dr. I've also tried, several times, but she gets angry and doesn't want either of us to say anything or go in with her when she does see a Dr. She says she won't go if we do and thinks everything is ok and that her memory is good for her age. I have power of attorney over finances but not health, and she is still not at that stage if I had. As a family we are concerned but the Dr. will do nothing without her consent and Mom agreeing to let us in on it. I've been as gentle as I can and told her that it's nothing and it's pretty routine to get tested, plus the GP gets a bonus, (she likes them). Has anyone else been through this? My sister in Canada is coming over to try to help but I think she will be disappointed with how stubborn Mom is. I'm cooking meals for them and just trying to look after them. I'm not claiming anything for their care, ( just in case you wonder!). I give them meals but worry they aren't reheating them properly or storing them in the right way. They are always ready to eat when I take them but Mom doesn't want to eat anything other than crisps and bananas most days. I know I have to be patient. My Dad is not, and gets frustrated at having to repeat things. As an example Mom was insisting that the bills had to be paid at the Post Office. Great stuff but on New Years Day? Any suggestions are very welcome.
  8. I think it is an intrusion and the government need to look at other areas that need policing. Are they still paying the millions to tobacco growers? And paying out to encourage the farmers there not to grow drug ingredients? Plough the money back into this country instead of raping the poor here of money and leaving them destitute! You can't police the legislation you already have so what is the point in making more? It's consumer choice. It's not up to a government to dictate... but then we seem so friendly with Saudi, with flags lowered and visits. How ironic could that be?
  9. dpick.. Perhaps your reasoning is right. If I'm driving and someone else lights up I'd ask them to stop and if they refuse would that be an excuse for stopping on the M6 and kicking someone out? The government can't police what they have so introducing more legislation is just like trying to ice a cake you can't reach. Will they ban, 'fat people' from KFC? Will they ban people from aisles of cleaning products that are obsessive cleaners? We are being dictated to. It's not the role of government to do this.
  10. Smoking with a child in the car is wrong but is it really in the realm of politicians to decide? Everything is wrong according to them, including breastfeeding. Where is the vote?
  11. The link you give? Hmm... Cosmos and fairy dust? Would I trust anything said there? NO..... A Big fat NO. And you say that you trust them on that website? I think you need some self realisation of your own and not be taken in so easily.
  12. Sorry Apple. I have nothing to say to you that hasn't already been said by Ben - or what has been said by Steampowered in relation to the OP. You are just not worth adding fuel to and are unworthy of any response.
  13. Why did I even look at this?.. It's not your home or money at stake. Go away Apple. You did more than enough damage before. Your way is not the right way. But what would you care? Contracts....You are trying to exact a defining glory out of nothing.
  14. It's absolute rubbish and has no meaning for anyone stuck in the LIBOR subprime. They've clearly brushed that under the carpet.
  15. Thanks. The main issue is that the company where he was placed haven't forwarded the NI and Tax deductions they took to HMRC. They have kept the money and it seems they have no intention of paying it. I'll sort it out for him and I think the company will be closing fairly soon! The agency was reputable but obviously they have failed on overseeing his placement and giving the qualifications.
  16. Thanks all. He's had nothing at all from them, no contract given. He earned enough to pay tax and NI and they deducted it from his wages. His tax allowance also increased and they still took the same amount so he has in fact overpaid 'tax' which the company hasn't forwarded. He didn't seek the job directly, he was placed by an apprentice agency. Well I say agency but it's linked to a college. I won't name them as it will harm anything that is held against them in the future. It's best not to name any names if legal action could be taken against them by the relevant authorities. A lot of things were going on in the company that he wasn't happy with. Insurance fraud, possibly employing illegals and people that were claiming not to be working, as well as completely ignoring any consumer rights for customers. He didn't want to rock the boat while he was working for them but now he has found another job. No he didn't have a CIS card but he does have one now on CITB for his new job. When I said he was asked to lie - He contacted the 'agency or apprentice scheme operator, whatever it's called', and they said because he was leaving before the 3 years they would say he had finished it and award him the NVQ 3 regardless and not to say anything about it if anyone asked. Nothing has been done in the way of assessment. His employer was inacapable of it and he just periodically received a certificate through the post to say he'd achieved levels. You've all pretty much confirmed my thoughts so I'll follow that up and try to prevent them doing the same in the future. Thanks and will let you know what happens.
  17. My son has worked for an employer for 3 years under an approved apprenticeship. They have deducted tax and NI from his wages but haven't paid it. He hasn't been given anything from them in the way of a P45 or any other wage slips, and the apprentice scheme has now asked him to lie that he's passed all levels on NVQ even though they haven't checked anything from the start. He has now left the company. What to do? The company have evaded tax and the agency that sent him have lied. He's not going to be credited with paying tax or NI. I've assured him he's not the one in trouble, his wages have been debited but he's worrying that he's going to get in trouble too if he reports it. Any thoughts? I can deal with it but just asking if anyone else has any advice to add?
  18. From experience, budget sheets don't work in court. It's just numbers on paper that you've filled in with no verification. Far better to take/send bank statements and other proof such as utility bills. Others may disagree but being truthful is the way forward and not juggling the figures to fit.
  19. You HAVE to go to court. There is no such thing as being unable. You know it's happening and can plan in advance. It's up to you to do that, change dates and get organized. Take some responsibility at least and make an effort.
  20. http://www.diy.com/nav/decor/decorating-tools-and-supplies/wallpaper-tools-pastes-and-solutions/wallpaper_strippers___streamers/Earlex-SS125-Wallpaper-Stripper-12448597?skuId=12969303 Seems like it's this one.
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