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  1. I have things I want to return to a person that is not making contact. They have 2 options either the bin or dumped where theiir car is. What is the worst that can happen? I am not prepared to keep anything and it all has to go one way or another.
  2. Strangely enough I have not had a letter from them! I wonder why? Hopefully it's in the post and I can treat it with the contempt it deserves. Victory007 you are so right that it's an insult and that no account has been taken for the spiral of debt and misery they have caused. My advice is to stick to your guns and get the lot back, and more, as the company is unfit and should never have been allowed onto the market. The FSA, FSO and the courts need a severe arse kicking for overlooking them for so long and condoning them.
  3. The point I was making SabreSheep is that there was no need to launch into a personal rant at Filcin and giving them a historic guide to homosexuality! Caro, it's not the thin end of the wedge as we are going forwards not backwards. As I said I think that respect should go both ways. Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!
  4. Aren't you forgetting the hatred towards unamarried mothers or mothers to be? I don't feel Filcin is being 'Homophobic'. They have an opinion and you've just bullied them and exaggerated your view in a biased way! It was a cake and it was a contract but it should never have gone to court just to prove a point against a relious belief. It was petty and childish and they could have gone elsewhere with ease. Nothing is normal but a little respect goes both ways. SabreSheep.. Unmarried mothers were put in asylums, workhouses or left destitute and were persecuted for being pregnant. They still are a looked over group and disowned, beaten or murdered even if they have been raped. I'm fed up of groups acting the victim over petty issues to point score at the taxpayers expense.
  5. Good luck with that one Cosmos! It's been gone over time and time again, and put to court, but the end result is that you are not going to get something for nothing when it's a fixed asset. I've done my own research, kept my house, fought the courts and SPML before they became wider knowledge, and after. Their conduct seems to be overlooked by the 'regulators' and needs massive improvement and recourse for those affected, If you're getting letters and facing legal action then you need to focus on your own personal situation first and stop grasping at straws. Once that is stable, and you still have a roof over your head, then you are in a far better position to pick faults. At the moment you are just digging a hole with no idea how deep it will go or where it will lead.
  6. I wouldn't go digging. Many survivors were secretive, for their own reasons, and if he went without choice...? He may not want to have anything to do with the military and put the horrors behind him. My Dad won't speak about his own father that was in WWII.. but we gather that he was gassed during it and committed suicide on his return. They are heroes but still the trauma goes on and to this day my Dad won't talk about him. Although we always promise to remember them, some things are best forgotten and not bought to the fore if someone is reluctant.
  7. I can't see what the problem is if you turned down a home and then say you are homeless because of it. From the video it's clear that the property wasn't ready to be lived in yet but with some TLC and elbow grease it's a roof. . I don't know about Scotland but council homes in England are being bought up to standard and you are given grants or the property renovated after the previous tenants have left. So what you see initially is not what you get. My local council have spent weeks renovating a property just opposite me after the last family seemingly trashed it before they were evicted. It's the second family to have had that house and been evicted for anti-social behaviour and it's been refurbished completely previously after a fire gutted the roof. Buy your own house and then see how easy it is to afford repairs! You think a chipped door is a problem or a lock? Repairs are handed out by councils for free for their subsidised tenants! IMHO you are lucky to be offered anything and if you're blogging about it then you have too much time on your hands. You have to help yourself and that means saving money to rent or buy. Quit complaining as I'm sure someone has snapped that up after you refused it. It's always easier to move from a home or a job if you already have one.
  8. I'm retiring here so carry as you were... Richard Harris was the answer.. and snowdragon can carry on...
  9. Foolish to turn it down is all I can say. Highlight all you like but it's not going to help the situation when people are just glad of a roof and will put in the effort to make a home.
  10. So sorry to hear this. RIP Lynda. We had many late night talks and she was the first one to help me out on CAG. The canal and the clash with an unexpected chocolate box man! No more pain and I really think you'd say, 'I told you I was ill!' She was funny, focused and determined. Could be anyone of us and we'd have to go through the judgements of being disabled or not, whilst trying to get on with life.
  11. And?..It's never going to happen. It will take place behind closed doors. Vetting is an impossible task and if you have views that include beheading innocent people and aid workers in Syria then *ISIS will just find another way. Of course they should be vetted. But we haven't yet found a solution to the sex scandals we have here and Hillsborough is still being discussed! It's an open door to ask questions decades later, turn a blind eye and deny it until forced to make someone a scapegoat. There are already enough laws in place. It's how they are used. That's the problem and how the bloomin' CPS and judges work! * other extremist groups are available.
  12. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?297005-Acenden-capstone-spml-pml-lmc-sppl/page3 This is what the FOS ruled. I knew I posted it here somewhere. If anyone can make use of it then please do so. I'll happily fill in the blanks to the right people.
  13. Before I forget. It went to court and we were ordered to repay arrears on top of our regular payments of £50 per month. SPML were charging us late payment fees and arrears fees that were wiping that amount out. This was also judged as unfair practise. I wholly agree Ell that all cases should be refunded as these fees and the way the accounts are conducted surely top those of ones that have already come under scrutiny.
  14. Yes...Ell. The fees were judged to be unfair and the account was not handled in a proper manner. I did post up a copy of what the final ruling was. Acenden are no longer allowed to charge any fees on my account and were warned by the FOS that they would take a dim view if they did. Everything including interest, fees and court costs were fully refunded. To cut a long story short they were taking insurance payments they were not entitled to, as we already had our own in place. So the DD was stopped and we paid by cheque instead. They kept charging for insurance and for paying by cheque. Once the insurance issue was finally sorted we tried to set up a new DD but between our bank and Capstone ..it wasn't done and they were both blaming each other. Of course we were still getting the fees mounting up. As CB says that doesn't make up for the stress caused and other costs. It almost cost me my relationship. They continually lied and denied receiving one cheque we sent. After a number of SAR's were sent to them it came to light they had actually received it and in their notes it said it was 'unsigned'. If it was unsigned then why didn't they return it, why say they hadn't received it when it clearly shows on their data? It wasn't 'unsigned' at all. I'm thinking more likely they didn't sign for it on receipt?
  15. I get your drift now and that completely makes sense! The insurance on mine is about £20,000 short of the rebuild cost. The insurance covers roughly about 4 times what is outstanding, but I guess they have to factor in costs, lost interest and 3rd party claims? Why does the insurance cost so much then? I trust they try to thrust Sun Alliance on you too and every year it takes weeks to sort out? They always insist on seeing a new policy several weeks before it is due to end. Of course they aren't going to get it until we shop around to find what's best for us, and as for them being named on it! I've refused point blank and they have to take what they get. I don't have a policy to hand but I'm pretty sure after what you've said that it's all for their own gain, at extortionate rates, that are not made clear to the consumer. You think you're covered, just from the rate, but you aren't! An eye-opener for sure if people do ever agree to their insurance.
  16. Thanks HB. I'm getting there and I so appreciate your advice and messages. Thank you so much and many hugs back. Karen
  17. Oh and they should have been hit hard with fines and closed down. With their fees and reputation they should be long gone.. but me thinks someone of interest must have a finger in the pie and they've gone overlooked as just a small percentage of the market.
  18. I did get all my charges back but it took 2 long years though the FOS. But it was worth it and I still have things I need to clear up regarding some lies they told and tried to keep concealed. A lost cheque payment, claimed they hadn't received it but on their files it had been received. People just don't want to do the work that's needed. It takes hours and hours and many weeks of getting everything together with a calculator and several requests for information, plus all the letters and lies that all have to be highlighted, copied and sent off. With regards to the annual insurance you can't under insure a building, which is an issue I have with them. Their insurance doesn't cover the rebuild cost of my house which I worked out on a reputable online calculator a while ago. If you under insure they may not pay out anything at all. If you insure a building, you insure in entirety. I'm not sure how you can insure just their part or percentage as a mortgage usually cover the whole regardless of loan to value. I may be wrong but it's just my thought on it. I'm actually paying a lower rate now than I would if I tried to get a High St. mortgage and with all the refunds and some compensation it puts me ahead. They are just evil and so are the brokers that sold them. I guess you can look back and see my posts on SPML/ Capstone as to where I was and what happened. I've been mortgaged with them since 2003 SPML/Capstone/Acenden ..hence my name of Crapstone!
  19. I know how difficult it is, and how guilty you can feel but that doesn't change if you are 6, 600, or 6,000 miles away. Both my parents get angry when confronted with 'issues', but my Dad has relented and agreed that he won't be driving for much longer and it's something he can do without. I really do think they should lower the age for compulsory tests. My Dad was always a good driver, never had an accident, but lost confidence after he had a 'hit and run' which was no fault of his own a few years ago. Now it's just age, lack of judgement and co-ordination. My Dad has always had a bit of a temper but has mellowed with age but now my Mom is the opposite! Yes, I do think it's because they know something is wrong but I don't think it's because they don't want to face it. Changes take a long time to come to terms with at whatever age, also I think they are worried about being a burden to anyone and causing a fuss. I've found a seminar near where I live that discusses these issues and help carers and relatives to cope. Free to attend and are all over the country. http://www.dementiafriends.org.uk I don't think it's the care that's a problem. It's mourning the loss of a person that's still living and seeing their personality slip away.
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