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  1. Each person I speak to gives me a different story! The fines office didnt receive a payment and passed it on for enforcement. They have given me until the 21st to pay .
  2. Hi My advice is to write in and draw this to their attention. The charges would most likely be removed from the account for the time period you were receiving PPI.
  3. Hi Firstly, have you gone through their official complaints route? If not, I would do that first as judging by what you have said, they will look to offer you something as compensation due to the time/delay.
  4. Something has come to light today, this did not go to court. When the fine was not paid to the fines office, it was returned to the police who have issued the bailiffs. It hasnt been to court so the stat dec will not work. Anybody know what to do now?
  5. Thanks. Can this be done in any solicitors, not sure if they are open on a saturday! The letter says it was sent on the 4th april, 7 days is up on monday
  6. Last july, i got a ticket from the police as I had gone a few days without getting tax. I sent off the ticket with the debit card details to pay the fine and thought nothing more of it. A few weeks later, I moved house and have been in my new house since. Yesterday, I got a letter from a bailiff stating that the payment was not made and it had been through court and I now owe £365.00 in 7 days else they will want to come in and relieve me of my belongings! I called the court to say that because I moved I never recevied anything from them otherwise I would have paid. Is there anything I can do or is it a case of trying to come to an arrangement with bailiffs? Its also a rented flat so are they able to let themselves in?
  7. I reported a card lost a year ago and noticed today a payment has been taken from it by lending stream. I asked how they can take a payment on an old cancelled card and they said if they have taken payments previously, they can do it again! Time to go to the Co-op bank i think
  8. Surely they would rather £1 than nothing at all for their troubles
  9. Am I right in saying that if you are paying £1 a week to the unsecured creditors, they cant/wont take any further action?
  10. I want to set up standing orders to all my creditors of £1 a week to keep them satisfied until i can up the payments. Is it safeto do this or can they use the details to set a dd up or take more than they are being given?
  11. This happened the other day with myself. It was cancelled on 16th December. A payment was made from it on the 1st Jan and it shows on my statement as being a banktransfer using my card details. I am ringing tomorrow to find out why Natwest have allowed this.
  12. I defaulted with cash genie. I got a text asking if i want a payday loan with samedaypayday, thought i would use that to pay cash genie. Turns out they are the same company and they used the details to take their money! no mention of them being affiliates. Also, cancelling the card doesnt help as my cancelled card in december just had £52 taken off it..
  13. They havent replied. Its very bad customer service. If it did ever go to court, this would go in my favour
  14. Last night I emailed Wonga giving them until 5.30 today to respond to my previous emails. They only seem to reply to those where you CC in Trading Standards. I have said If i dont get a response, I will consider the matter closed and written off!
  15. How much more are the payments going to go up by and what interest rate are you currently on?
  16. Hi In terms of the £40 charge, you say that if you claimed it back you would be able to clear the arrears on the account. I take it from this you have paid every charge on the account? And the reason that GE would refuse the Mortgage Rescue would be because the local housing authority has offered a considerably low amount to buy the property.
  17. Unfortunately, once the fixed term has ended, it cannot be extended or kept on that rate. The only way around is to remortgage.
  18. Hi As you may have seen, some are taking people to court. Wonga have passed numerous accounts to those shady HCEO's Marstons. At what point will they give up and go to court?
  19. Hi I think you may have got it confused a little bit! You only have 1 amount of £1450 which would be the fees & added interest. As you say, you'll clear that over the remaining term at £8 a month as long as you dont fall further into arrears or incur anymore charges. There isnt another £1450:-)
  20. Could you PM them to me aso. they seemed to ignore my request for them by email!
  21. A letter would have gone out the month prior to your payment changing. Perhaps call customer services and ask if they have the amount and if you can get the letter re-sent:)
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