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  1. Thanks BF & JB for your thoughts. I have decided to follow your advice BF and ignore IM for the time being whilst doing my sums and putting in an LBA for absolutely everything. I am still awaiting full disclosure from the bank as I know there are more loans to pay off OD in there somewhere. BF you mentioned I should calc back to 1995 and not 2001 - I have been doing loads of reading up but can't find any reference to this?
  2. I have been away for the last few days hense no posts. I have today written to Natwest asking for full disclosure including archived data, the Router Account (read that somewhere) and copies of all credit/loan agreements. This has been faxed to Regulatory Risk and Irwin Mitchell and a copy sent in the post giving them a further 7 days to comply. I need to respond to the letter from IM with my proposals to clear the debts and the state of play is this.. Total claimed = £6866 Total Charges on statements received £9629 Interest @ 8% = £2608 I have not had a chance to finis
  3. Soz, forgot to say that I have not included any interest and the figure quoted was just the charges.
  4. Ok, I have pulled my finger out and spent all day (don't tell my boss) working through the statements supplied by NW (earliest is March 2001) and have clocked up £9700 in charges which exceeds the amount claimed on each of the accounts in question. I have been reading through these forums for a very long time and apologise if I appear lazy and incompetent - I was just after reassurance that what I thought I should do was in fact correct. I do admit that I should have calculated the charges sooner and did need the lecture to make me find time. I now need to sleep and will catch up wi
  5. Hold on to your hats... I have today received a letter from Irwin Mitchell with the following.... " Without Prejudice Save as to Costs .... We refer to the above matter, Our client has advised that the claim has been issued in respect ofthe following accounts: 1) Advantage Gold account numbered xxxxxxx which has a balance outstanding of £4xxx.xx DR. 2) Current Plus account numbered xxxxxxxx which has a balance outstanding of £2xxx.xx. The matter is currently stayed at Northampton County Court. Before we apply to lift the stay, we welcome your proposals fo
  6. OK - am on it... it will take me some time to go through all the statements but I will post up the amount as soon as I can. This figure will change as I do not have all statements back to 2001 which is, I believe, the period I can go back to to calculate unfair charges. I will send a compliance letter today. Is it likely that the case could be transfered to District and reinstated? Thanks for your help again.
  7. Hi BankFodder - you have pretty much summed the situation up in a nutshell!
  8. Phoned Northampton this morning and the case has now been stayed! What should I do next?
  9. Just checked MCOL and no response from the bank yet!
  10. I have just contacted Northampton and been informed that the bank have to respond by Monday 11th May (9th is the actual day but it's a Saturday) and if a response is not received then the case will automatically be stayed. Bankfodder - my defense was one of embarrassment as the particulars of claim were not specific.
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