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  1. Peculiar. I am still with the same provider for both landline and mobile, I've had the same mobile number/account since 2002. I'm with Virgin Media (previously Telewest) for my landline and have been since 2004. Both accounts moved with me, though Virgin Media shows as having been settled on the date I moved and then a new Virgin Media account shows as having been started for my new address on the same date. There's certainly nothing on my file which makes me believe it is to do with either of these two accounts, and I would have expected either company to have been in touch prior to pass
  2. I signed up for the free trial with Equifax (I have later attempted to do the same with Experian and Call Credit - Experian claims there is an existing account, it's not mine, but I can't complete a sign up with them due to this and Call Credit will only allow a paper application so I'll have to print and send that off) and noticed a couple of items in my credit report with which I'm not entirely happy. I have two Table 1 searches for "outstanding debt", both from a company called Mackenzie Hall Kilmarnock (Bat [i assume that the name is cut off]. In addition there is a default regi
  3. Gosh, it's been a while! A long while, my son has long since been born. To update you on the Equita/Exeter City Council issue though: Thanks to your help and advise the council got back to me and actually sent me a refund cheque for £36.some pence. Their records were updated and they apologised.
  4. Thank you honeybee13! It is quite terrible and it's incredibly confusing, it's wearing me out to the point where part of me just wants to not even go ahead with the appeal to save myself the stress/hassle.. but then I'd really be screwed! Thank you for the very kind words too, it's the first kind words I've heard in a long time I think! I do hope that someone may have some insight into what may have changed to dramatically change my status as far as the DWP are concerned!
  5. Before I launch into my rant I shall give you a bit of background; I moved to the UK 11 years ago to work. I come from a EEA country, albeit not a EU one. In 2004 I found myself unemployed and claimed JSA for a period of time, returned to work and was soon after unable to work due to severe back pain, nerve impingement syndrome etc which in turn led to depression, suicidal attempts/thoughts and panic attacks/social anxiety. I then claimed DLA+IS (I wasn't entitled to IB at the time and was given IS instead) and HB+CT. I was in receipt of these benefits until 2008 when I moved in with my p
  6. They also certainly have been aware of my new address as they managed to send me a council tax bill in April, for the Exeter property but to my address in Surrey. However, this was rectified with a phonecall, the phonedroid insisted it had gone out automatically and by error. Upon recalling that, I do wonder why they've never actually written to me regarding this so called debt?
  7. fluffy_bunny: Yes, at the time I was in receipt of Housing Benefits and Council Tax, and I had to send in a yellow 'Change of Circumstances' form.
  8. ploddertom: Would that be my actual local councillor (I live in a different county) or one for where I lived when in Exeter? I would think it's easy enough to prove, and I would also assume that they are able to look the data up their end, considering I've been paying Council Tax to a different Council since June 15th 2008 -- mind, I would also have expected Exeter CC to have had other people paying council tax for that property as I know new tenants moved in a week after I vacated the property? But yes, proving when I moved is no problem, contracts, change of address with everywher
  9. I was unsure WHERE to send the letter, so I sent it to the "Council Recoveries Department" -- I will follow your advise and send another along with a copy of the first to the Chief Executive and make sure this one is sent recorded delivery. Thank you!
  10. jimbo45: I do not mind paying the council tax IF there actually is any owed, however, Equita claims they want payment for July until November 2008 -- I moved out in June 2008, and my council tax has since been paid to a different council alltogether, I moved from Exeter, Devon to Surrey. That said the amount is so far undisclosed and has not been on any of the correspondence received from Equita. I sent the following letter to the Council, but I have yet to hear back from them, it's been nearly a month: "I have recently received a visit from Equita Bailiffs, stating they are a
  11. I wrote to Exeter City Council after making this post; I informed them that I did not live at the property for the period Equita claimed to be seeking payment for, I also informed them that I am heavily pregnant and baby is due mid-february. I asked that they confirm receipt of my letter within 10 days of postmark, and I pointed out that until the letter and subsequent visit by bailiff I had not had any correspondence regarding arrears from the Council, Equita or any Court. So far I've not heard anything back from the Council, I have however had more letters from Equita and yet another "W
  12. Thank you for your response -- I will write to the council and point out the above. When/if the bailiff does show up again in the next 24hours as they stated, do I simply ignore them until they go away again or should I engage in any conversation? If the latter, is pointing out the above enough to make them leave me alone until the council sorts themselves out and responds?
  13. Hi all, I am hoping you may be able to give me some advice on how to proceed; but first I shall give you some background. I moved out of a property on June 16th 2008. The council then continued to sending me council tax bills for the property until July this year, I repeatedly phoned them to explain I had not lived at the property for over a year and in the end they must have actually checked their details and council tax records for my new property as they stopped sending bills and I presumed all was well. Until earlier this week, when I received a letter from a company called Equi
  14. DocH: Thank you! I will do that and see what they come back with. Based on what I've read on here so far it could be interesting!
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