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  1. Yes he's a private seller. Ive checked the MOT history through VOSA and its got a history of corrosion problems and other mechanical problems. I ahve a copy of the advisory from the MOT which clearly states the problems the car had and to which he kept very quiet about. How do I go about recovering my money.. courts etc?
  2. Hoping someone can offer some advice on what I should do about a problem I have after buying a used car on ebay. I had been looking for some time at MG Midget classic cars and finally found what seemed like an absolute gem on ebay. The ad stated car was in exceptional condition, and the pictures of it seemed to verify this. I emailed the seller and asked if the vehicle had any problems that he knew about, mechanically, rust, bubbling. He replied the car was perfect, a top end example of the MG midget. As the car was 190 miles away and had a new MOT on it which was 7 weeks I made him an offer
  3. How would she go about asking CRA to do it on her behalf?
  4. How would she go about asking CRA to do it on her behalf?
  5. Apparently there is a note attached to her record explaining what happened, but it dosn't seem to of made any difference. I'd assume also, that if the search was conducted by a computer, it would ignore such a note anyway. Would it make any difference if she contacted the finance company directly, rather than being at the mercy of a computer.
  6. Hopefully someone here can offer some advice. The question i'm asking is on behalf of a friend. The person involved attempted to purchase two moped/scooters from Honda using their 0% finance offer. Total price £4800. She is a homeowner with no debts, up to date on all of her bills etc. No outstanding debts anywhere. However, this wasn't enough for Honda who declined her Finance without giving a reason, only asking her to refer to her credit record. She obtained a copy of this from the credit rating agency which confirme she had no debts. However, there was a default notice for late paym
  7. I went bankrupt 6 weeks ago, and assumed that mt debts were now cleared. However, this morning I had a letter from Egg, stating that they have been notified of me going bankrupt by the official receiver, but they are still seeking the full amount of the debt that I owe them. Can they do this?
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