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  1. Hi Rev.ian, I know its been a while since you replied to my request about Carter. I sent the letter off and one came back detailing all that I have paid. I now need some advise on the same matter but this time from Capital One who sold the date to Carter a few years ago and who obtain a CCJ for the debt to Captial One but paiable to them. Yesterday, I received a letter from Capital One stating that they have now taken control of the debt and that all other payments should be paid to them. They want full payment like now. They have asked for £508 when the CCJ which is still in
  2. Hi Just would like to add about Egar my mother had here heating system install many years ago by egar and it worked for years without any problems. So, I thought it was not until last year that I had cause to say at my mums for the evening and tried to have a hot shower. That was a laugh. It was a case of 30 seconds of hot water then cold the rest of the time. I asked how long this had been happening and she said a few months ofter is had been installed. Don't get me wrong when we visited her he heating was alway on and it was like a hot house. I just thought that she was cold all
  3. Hi Missy, Just like you I have problems with 1st but I was so shocked to see your Credit agreement all the pages. To this day I have never every had such a document of any Credit Card Company or Bank It always been just one page with sign here. If that is a what a credit agreement such look like then there is a God. Babybear help me when I was ready for doing something really silly with a bottle of pills and it was not asprin either. Due to 1st credit and lots more. Follow there advise and you will smell the roses again. Just dispute the stuff like I did you still get letter of the
  4. I have just like yourself been in conforntation with 1st sent them a letter in there own envelope because they would not acknowledge my subject request all done the correct way. I put on the boxing gloves and sign it will all my qualification from PHD to BA.. For some strange reason they actually wrote back that time. They sent a letter saying that the account would be on hold until all copies of legal documents had been forwarded. In my language Disputed They have sent me lots of statement an application from but no T&C with my signiture. They even sent a copy of the letter
  5. Dear Spamalot, Could you please give me some advise again throught all my problems had be solved. Sent them a letter asking for a true copy on that is signed by myself under the CCA 78. I really wanted to know what card this is for because I have a CCJ from Barclay Card and the card they say they have is a Barcaly Card. Just really confused. What it is 1st Credit have now send me a letter which contains a copy of there Terms and Conditions there are no signture no dates as when it applies to and its really not legible either. The only writing that is ligeble is the T&C words and
  6. I have had a look and No its not its very hard to see like yours its microfiche it does concise of two pages one containing 10 sections like empolyment details, bank details, address details, a password then my signiture. The other asking if uk citizen etc but it is only on the second paper that the name of the company the name appears it is not an individivual application. just look box standander. The first paper does not have the company name on only my signiture. to be honest if I did not now which company I was dealing with would not know which company I had applied to. That the
  7. Hi Mr Ton, You have just made me laught for the first time today so it just a case of see you in front of a judge but and keep filling the letter in the bin or keep them.????? By the way I reported all the DCA to OFT and some to SRA and other but nothing has come of it. What you might find interesting after quoting all the laws, sections and subsetions of the CCA the staff at some of the DCA wrote that this dose not apply to them. After a letter like that what are you surposed to do it just beyoned believe. I did write back disclosing my full titles infront and and after my n
  8. I have a digital camra and can take a picture but my scanner broke months ago and not be able to replace it yet. I beleive the thumb nail available is not good enough to see. Could you sugget an alturnative method.
  9. Dear Spamalot, I know its been a while but since my last email but this is how long it has taken. Cabot have sent to me it looks like every single statement on the account I was sent by Morgan Stan Bank and it looks like the agreement an agreement that I signed. They say that they have fulfilled there part of the Credit Act now they want payment in full or payment plan. Now what do I look for to see if its enforceable by a judge. Out of all the other DCA this is the only one who has manage to do this others have sent just bits of paper with out TC and another one sent a copy of jus
  10. Dear Babybear and Re.Ian, I have recieved a reply back for statement of accounts from Bryan Cater and you would never guess what they have stated in the letter. According to them the Debt was for £535 in feb 2005. They have added a claim ment fee of £20 a Claim Cost £50 a Judgement Cost of £40 intotal £645.62p. The statment detail all the payment made including the ones I never sent at this point I owe them accounding to thier Statement of Account is £600.62p There is no mention of the CCJ at the orignial amount of £288 and how it was it was workout. Can you now advi
  11. Just a thought could I ask or offer a final settlement of 10% of the order, everyone else tries. Just wondering it taking such a long time to pay off he would settle for a small and final sum????:grin:
  12. OK, I have wrote the letter its in the envelop with 2 second class stamps on so that he will get it . Mind you the stamps have been stuck on with glue they were found on the street next to some doggy dodo:grin:. Just have to wait and see what happens. How come he only went for such a small about when it was for so much!! All the DCA I have had dealings with have tripped what they said I owed. Not the revers WHAT'S YOUR SECRET?
  13. Dear Rev.ian, It was begaining to struggle a little for help with this issue. Now I know I have to send a letter and what to request. I will be doing that as you are reading. Lss017
  14. So the letters they sent were for want of a better phrase unenforceable and I only owe the small amount on the CCJ. That's great!! I know its only a small amount but can I write to them and ask what they would take for final setellment of the am out owing.
  15. Hi AC, I would love to hear from you I have addressed all the DCA with CCA and all but two have answered acknolwedging they don't have the paperwork. In responce I have sent them the Account is Dispute and it worked stop payment to 5 of the DCA and just waiting to see if they contiue with there agressiveness. Thanks to everyone here. I would like your help again I have 2 more issues well 2 CCJ the smallest I am trying to deal with myself but if I need help I will as the forum again. The main and has alway been bigest problem is with Barclays and the Loan with the PPI, which I took
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