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  1. there was a first case based on national origin english v scottish, 2000-2001 some guy against the bbc and he won, based on national origin, which is race. i thank you for your advice, i'm in 2 minds you see, thinking 6.500 in 14 days or maybe that or a more in 6 months, i'll see a solicitor next week, but i might just sign the confidentially agreement, take the 6.500 and move on, but i'll have to lie to my next employer about what i have been doing this last 8 months, maybe a fake reference aswell, and it wasnt even my fault.
  2. yes your right, so how much do you think it would be for discrimination above? just a ball park figure if you could?
  3. 1) As we're at the PHR stage someone must have drafted an ET1 & I'm assuming that your numerous heads of claim were properly pleaded in that? no i did the ET1, it didn't ask for heads of claim, just what happened, but in there reply they asked for particulars of each claim, ie, harassment-which incidents were they, discrimination-which incidents were they e.t.c, i did say harassment took place and victimization, unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, racial discrimination (i didnt put which type i left that vague, but im going with national orgin (im white, welsh) there was a case in 2
  4. my claim is worth more than 6k, it's just my case is so bad, really, that for the time that i was there, 5 months, the amount the tribunal orders, would.....i think.....be huge. what i had to put up with, could be called quite sadistic in nature......for the work place it is bad, you have not read anything like it. sometimes i didn't have to complain, other staff would on my behalf! every time though i was thinking kerching! kerching! kerching!
  5. i know i cant lose as i have never heard about a case like this, and i read a lot. i was basically treated like a slave, the manager did it to make himself feel important, with a sense of power. there's no point in going into all the details it would take too long, but just wanted to know if the company changed names, would or could they say that company is gone, the debt is with that old company not ours. just curious
  6. PHR is a pre hearing review, they offered the cash, but it has not been signed, it has not been agreed with the tribunal, turned up before i saw the judge, they said they will give that amount, plus handed documents on the day to me.........should have been 7 days prior at least, so the claim is on hold. no judgements or decisions, the tribunal have not even talked about this yet
  7. no to the first part barrister offered it, we went into the PHR and the barrister said she would like a stay as 'we' have come to an agreement, judge said if she doesnt hear back from us in 1 month, claim closed.
  8. well if they do lay you off, you can ask them for written proof of when they knew it was going to happen or when they made that decision. if you get that in writing, and it was before you went to part time, then you might have a claim, but they would probably say they knew it was going to happen after you changed, but at least you would have it in writing, and if you find out differently later, sue em.
  9. I a taking my previous employer to a tribunal for discrimination (national origin) automatic unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, harassment, victimization. I cannot lose as I did not wrong, the manager even assaulted me. I asked them what was the gross misconduct, I wanted details, but at the PHR they changed the response and canceled GMC. The company is Ltd with just over 40 employees. The thing is I can get probably over 50k right?, I did ask for 28k settlement, they have ignored me. Big problem is they have a different website sounds quite similar (it says it's holding it f
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