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  1. thanks for the advice andie, I really appreciate it. I will give it till the end of the week if not will be straight on the phone
  2. UPDATE: Letter sent to council, they recived it, I called, chased, called,chased told them about the baliffs sitting outside. Reply: this was via an answer phone message. 'sorry cant do a lot its with the baliffs' I called back and she wasnt available, I told the guy to make a note that I wasnt refusing to pay this debt, which he did etc.... He said there is nothing that can be done until baliffs pass it back. I offered payments,asked them to take it back, said I would report them, they did not care. Its now been 3 weeks and STILL with baliffs, no more visits but its b
  3. if he comes tomorrow I certainly will call them lol, must remember to take his number plate down. He comes in a car. I complained to the council for the harrassment, will call 2moro again as no doubt they wont be back until next tuesday now. I am going to stand my ground this time, and if no luck via phone, will bring the kids with me next Tues and visit the council. Since day 1 I have kept a diary of every call/dealing with equita. Even names of the idiots I have spoken too. Strongly advise this to everyone as you will always have this as back up. Will keep you updated. T
  4. Update: Letter Received at council today that I wrote re: taking debt back. Should be dealt with by 15th. Also rang up today to complain of baliff harrassment, baliff was sat outside my house on 3 occasions today his shortest stay was half an hour!!! A memo has been fast tracked to head office (Birmingham City Council) and I should hear from someone within 72 hours
  5. thanks for the advice but the council are not willing to speak to me, hence the letter
  6. They have been threatening in phone calls and letters. I feel even better now 'no wonder councils ignore most complaints'
  7. Letter yesterday you have 24 hours to pay hand delivered via baliff or he will take the goods. Obviously never called him, THINK he called today, my daughter heard the door and I saw a car drive away. Letter should be with the council 2moro, asking them to take the debt back, baliffs being threatening etc etc. Will the baliffs keep trying everyday? Or give up as I didnt react to the 24hour or else letter? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the replys, I will write to equita and the council and send off 2moro, I will stress that I have 2 yuong children and it is causing me to be ill (white lie wont hurt surely) 1 question, how long before they give up? I have never once refused payment. They have just been stupidly unreasonable.
  9. Previous thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/192804-i-cant-beleive-happening.html Letter today: Delivered by hand baliff removal PAYMENT DUE IN FULL WITHIN 24 HOURS I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the oustanding council tax Liability order and any additional ENFORCEMENT COSTS incurred. PLEASE NOTE NO FURTHER ARRANGEMENTS ARE ACCESPTABLE AND PAYMENT IS NOW REQUIRED IN FULL CLEAR FUNDS ONLY I will re-attend your address with immediate effect and
  10. OK.so both letters to be sent, and pay council direct and don't let the baliff in. Is that everything? thanks so much
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