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  1. Thanks Andy, I've been searching for ages and couldn't find anything to cover it.
  2. Something I forgot about! The DN and termination they have provided are only dated - not signed. Does anyone know if that means anything?
  3. Found your last couple of replies on Loopyloopys' thread very interesting Andy
  4. Thanks Andy and everyone who has replied to me
  5. Ok, this is a first stab at the witness statement. I have tried to answer most of the the sols claims.
  6. Well no sign of a response to the AQ by the solicitors so the Court have now allocated an Allocation Hearing. This is the same date and time as the SJ. I am in the process of preparing witness statements.
  7. I understand what you are saying and know this isn't going away. I truly hope I never fall into a similar situation, as I can see the effects it is having on my fil. We've sat down and gone through his finances to see if there is any way he could pay a higher amount, but at this moment in time there is no "room for maneuver". Thanks for taking the time to reply, I really do appreciate it
  8. Thanks bazaar and Andy. It is indeed interesting reading. I am at the point now that I am content that at least we get a hearing in which I will present the statements showing there has been no default on the payment on their POC. Will be back soon, once I have put together the response to the SJ.
  9. Checked with CC and Shoosmiths have not put in their AQ. They told me this will go before a DJ now. I don't know whether to wait a few weeks to see what happens with it or respond to the SJ - with a hearing due 18/8, I do have some time. Does anyone know if the result of the AQ can affect the SJ hearing? I had a feeling they wouldn't reply to the AQ as I think they are counting on the SJ.
  10. Will do that and thanks for taking the time to help
  11. Below is my father in laws Section I statement Below is the draft order Does it look ok? No they haven't submitted an AQ - which I am also thinking of adding into this as from reading on here they should have indicated it on their AQ not blatantly ignore protocol and steam roller judgement.
  12. Thanks that really helped clarify it for me - I can see now its not a DN. I am going to put together a response to the AQ tonight and then look at the SJ over the weekend when I have more time. The hearing isn't until middle August to I have some time on this one. I'll post up if I am stuck. Thank you again for all your help on this.
  13. Thanks Andy, I was going around in circles last night. The joke of it is, the payments are showing on the statements they provided however only from the current account they took them from. They have not provided any statement for the loan account showing any charges applied. The DN notice was invalid as it was at the higher payment and the CCC is for the lower agreed varied rate - however Shoosmiths are trying to get the judgement despite this being illegal. They have also now supplied a DN for an overdraft at the time - I noticed in the SJ request late last night - bet that is included
  14. It was not a summons - it was a County Court claim form. I've been searching through my stuff but can't find it - it is going back to start of last year. As someone said, the first you hear about it is when you get issued with a Late Licensing Penalty - note the word penalty which is then dealt with by the County Court. Perhaps if this is still doubt, someone should ring the County Court to check - I can assure you it IS their jurisdiction. We looked into all this before going to Court
  15. Thank you nehpets, I will post more when I have chance. At the moment I have other matters to solve.
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