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  1. Hello,, hope for some advice!., My 10yr old Grandson accidently opened their car door on the shared driveway catching the Neighbours car bodywork, causing a small dent. My daughter reported this incident to her Neighbour & offered to get the damage repaired at her cost., The Neighbour insisted on using her own Bodywork Garage & produced an inflated quote., My Son-in-law works in the motor trade & can get the damage repaired for a lot less money., but the Neighbour insists on her choice of repairer. How does my daughter stand in the eyes of the Law? is she obliged t
  2. Thank you all for the Advice..first thing tomorrow I will go to post office & arrange to send off for replacement.. worry over..
  3. Hi. JUST WONDERED IF ANYONE CAN ADVISE ME HOW THINGS STAND. i HAVE OVERLOOKED THE RENEWAL DATE ON MY pHOTOCARD by 3years..no reminder from DVLA. I want to send for this ASAP but am worried that I may incur a hefty Fine..can anyone help.? thanks..
  4. Hi REBEL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWER.Maybe I am not understanding the advice to contact OFGEM.but it is my understanding that the problem as to exist for an 8 week period before you can lodge a complaint..I realy dont want this to continue for that length of time before it is resolved..
  5. Hi ..hope I can get some advice on here..as I am at a loss what to do.. I had pre-payment meters for both Electric & Gas installed due to arrears..I was advised by my supplier (British Gas) to apply to the charity British Gas Trust.to see if they could help with my arrears..My application was succsessful & they paid British Gas the outstanding amount..this was 3 weeks ago..I followed the instructions in the letter to purchase £1 on my gas card & electric key over 3 days from the same outlet & my meters would upgrade thus removing the debt & arrears collection..This didn
  6. I dont think your comment is very constructive..ITS NOT A QUESTION of suing...ITS more a lack of quality of CARE..you do know what that is dont you..I have already sustained an injury to my knee...& dont need it further damaged by careless procedures...lessons need to be learned...what if a small child instead of myself had been the unfortunate patient????
  7. Hi folks,just wondering if anyone can advise me if they think I have a legitimate claim for medical negligence..Today I attended for an MRI SCAN.at my local hospital..The scan had been ordered by my Ortho for A Meniscus tear in the knee..resulting from an accident I had 12 weeks before in which I fractured my kneecap..At the Scan the radiographer was placing equipment around my injured knee when he suddenly dropped some of this equipment from a hight onto my kneecap..I yelled out in pain.all the technician said was Sorry...didnt check the knee or write down in accident book..After being home f
  8. Thanks for the info Brigadier... But I DONT SEE ANY USE IN SENDING A DSAR To them as Tsb as already stated the debt is over 6 years old & they have no paperwork relating to this assumed debt to send me.. I already have sent a CCA to Moorcroft who where the initial dca..they threw the account back to TSB..who in turn have now sold it on to IND ltd.. I just need to know if I have to send out another CCA letter to these jokers..or would It have to be account in dispute letter..hope I have explained this clearly..
  9. Hi silverfox 1961..well here we go again---just recieved another DCA letter for above account..from IND ltd.followed by a letter fromSRJ debt recoveries..for same.IND ltd. write that they have been assigned by TSB bank.to take over the outstanding Balance..they go on to say--under the terms of this assignment and as defined in the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998.IND ltd is now the data controller of your personal data contained in the records of this account..Then a week later I recieved a letter from S.R.J.debt recoveries.Stating IND ltd their client has attempted to contact you on numerous occasion
  10. Thank you for your reply to my post Silverfox, I have already sent head office a recorded letter stating I would give them 7 days to respond before taking legal action.this was recieved by them 11 days ago. I have not had any response from them upto date..
  11. I have posted on here to see if anybody else as had problems dealing with Currys problem solving team??.6 weeks ago my upstairs neighbor had a washer installed.it was not plumbed correctly & subsequently flooded her kitchen this in turn came through my kitchen ceiling & down the wall, causing water damage to my decor. The Tech guys dealt with my complaint & compensation claim.I was asked to send in photo evidence of the damage & also 2 estimates.this I duly did. I have contacted them numerous times since then,and each time I am told the same tale.The cheque as been santioned &
  12. Surely now the account is in dispute..That should stop any other D.C.A. persuing it???. otherwise what is the point of requesting A True copy of original agreement from DCA. As TSB. are the original Creditor,am I not best to contact them to ask them for Copy of Agreement?. or do I let sleeping DOGS lie??? dont fancy going on the many DCA merry roundabouts.... Thanks for all advice...
  13. so here goes---From the info available to them it is their understanding that I am disputing the above account...because of my recent request for a copy of original agreement with their client..( clever Bs arnt they)They then go on to say...they would like to reasure me .that they receive all accounts in good faith(who are they kidding) and believe the info provided is accurate and the account is free from dispute..they say it is thier understanding that accounts of this type are refer to them under the terms & conditions of my original contract with thier client & section 9 of the
  14. :smile:hi scalet pimpernel.. I have just recieved a reply to the formal complaint letter that was sent to Moorcroft..unfortunatly I am unable to scan same.as I dont have a scanner. So I will condense the subject in the letter.as it reads like a novel..ah ah.
  15. Thank you SP.for your help.much appreciated. Letter as been written and will be posted today..will let you know the outcome...
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