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  1. Account in dispute with Egg, Apex sent letter with dodgy photocopy from Egg enclosed. Sent them a "sod off" letter and got back a letter without my flat number on it (i live in a block of 22 floors!!!) saying they are disappointed that i have failed to reach a payment agreement
  2. emmar

    Egg up to no good.

    Is there a good template for the bemused letter? The letters on here usually pack a good punch! Sorry, found a link to a bemused letter - Bemused Letter Template
  3. After sending in a dispute letter and stopping my DD months and months ago. I now have a letter from Apex Credit Management stating that they are in control of my debt. Any idea what to do now?:?
  4. emmar

    Egg up to no good.

    After hearing nothing from Egg since June, I received a letter from Apex Credit Management this morning. Although Im surprised it got here as it doesnt have my flat number on it and there are 126 houses in my block! What's the best way of tackling this? I have a pre-2007 agreement.
  5. I thought that, but always good to get a second opinion. Not sure how to progress with it now. Anyone help?
  6. Yeah the Doc thought I was sweaty! Otherwise pretty boring and noted a couple of things from the Medical that i don't agree with.
  7. If you are feeling posh and want something quilted go for Farmfoods - they sell 4 rolls for a £.
  8. Got a copy of both my doctors report and the medical yesterday - only had to chase them twice! yeehaaa
  9. Eventually! brief outline - request sent 13th March, 14 days up around 2nd Apr, 30 days up 12th May. Got two letters today both dated 15th May (franked on the 18th) "Weve received your complaint" this was a reply to my why havent you sent me my CCA that was requested on 13th March! 2nd Letter has "Further to your recent request, I have pleasure in enclosing a copy of your signed Credit Agreement in accordance with your rights under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and a copy of your terms and conditions" The terms and conditions are what t
  10. OMG thats terrible, it wasnt mine was it? Ive been waiting for ages!
  11. Still no news from Egg re CCA although today I got a "our records show that payment has not been made" letter. When I am still paying my token fee by standing order and this has not been changed. grr grr
  12. I emailed them a it doesnt specify that you need my sig secure email to them letter and got this back by secure mail " To ensure you receive a swift answer to your query about your account, please call our Collections Team on 0845 7000 775. They're open Monday to Friday 8am until 5.30pm. If you've already spoken to our Collections Team, then please disregard this message. Thanks for your message. Regards Surjeet Bola" er nice to know they read my I want everything in writing and read my email! Internet Customer Services
  13. Got a letter back from Egg today dated 4th April but franking dated 6th April - i sent letter on 13th March - asking for a signature or a document with my name and address on it. Reply being sent today with corrupted signature on it
  14. I can't say thank you enough! I'm going to sit down with my parents and go through these and get in touch with CAB. thank you once again ( a wee bit happier!)
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