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  1. Yea, please do. The bigger picture would be definately interesting.
  2. Thanks JonCris; by coming forward now, you mean going to the media? As I said before, it's not something I am comfortable with. Sorry I cant help your campaign in that way.
  3. I don't think that I mentioned previously, that before getting a 2nd letter from RLP Ltd, I wrote to Boots, basically asking why they were claiming 1 year later, and that I would not enter into any discussion until I receive evidence that the company they have given me personal details to, have the required license. They just replied, acknowledging my letter & referring me back to RLP ltd for a breakdown of the claim. Further to what Martin has said previously, when I was based in a Boots store, I had a Code Of Conduct booklet. Whilst I wouldnt have known all of it 'inside-out',
  4. Im not doing nothing in relation to my problem with them but it is a different matter dealing with it all in the press. I've just been trying to clarify where I stand and deal with it appropriately so I dont keep having a problem. Again, I appreciate your advice etc.
  5. Thanks again JonCris. I dont know if I would really want to speak to the media. I would want to highlight the manner in which RLP deal with people and the way in which Boots instigate claims when investigations have not been concluded, but I'm not comfortable with it being in the media. I appreciate your help/advice.
  6. To Scarlet Pimpernel As you are on line and have commented on RLP Ltd - Would you be able to tell me if they can make a claim on behalf of a company, 1 year after an investigation was closed, unconcluded? Does this company, whilst not a Debt collection co, but one which is claiming monies have to have a Consumer Credit License? Many Thanks
  7. Thanks Joncris. Can this company affect my credit rating then on credit agencies details, with Experian and such like? - Or where would they blacklist me? I am concerned! I have today received another letter stating that they've noted my comments in relation to a Consumer credit Licence but ''since we are not a debt collection company, this has no relevance to us whatsoever". I was advised by Trading Standards that you need a licence to collect any monies (civil recovery or whatever) and not just a debt collection company. I understood that as they did not have the licence,
  8. Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the info regarding this co - RLP Ltd. I was based in a Boots store (with a contract for another co) and left last year. I handed in my notice as I had another job offer but just before I left, there was an investigation by Boots in liaison with my own company area manager into staff exchanges relating to myself and my line manager, who was also based in the store. At the time, we werent at all happy with the way the investigation was dealt with but as I had a better job offer, decided to give my notice to my own company manager. This was accepted
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