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  1. Thanks for your answers. I don't use Virgin's email system, as I prefer to use webmail (Hotmail/Gmail), so that should be fine. I'll have a look at the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard too. Up until now I've been backing up all my files and documents onto DVD+RW discs. My current computer uses Windows XP, but my new one will be Windows 7.
  2. I am thinking of getting a new computer soon. I currently have broadband internet from Virgin Media. When I get the new computer, how do I transfer the internet connection to it? Is it just a matter of plugging my cable modem into the new computer via the Ethernet cable and I'll be recognised straight away as an existing customer? If so, then that is simple enough. Or will I need a CD to install the Virgin Media software on the new computer? I'm not sure if I've still got the CD that I used to install it on my current computer, so is there a way of installing it without a CD?
  3. Thanks for your responses. Yesterday I received another response from a different customer services rep, who was more helpful than the first one. They said that I could potentially transfer the money for the unused portion of the subscription to another magazine that they publish. So I will have a look and see what other magazines they publish, as there might be another one that's more relevant to me.
  4. In September last year, I took out a 12-month subscription to a trade magazine. I paid for the whole 12 months upfront by debit card via the publisher's website. However, last month I was made redundant by my employer, and I'm no longer working in the industry which the magazine is about. So I sent an email and letter to the publisher, saying I'd like to cancel my subscription as I'm no longer working in the industry, and I asked for a refund. Both of my requests (email and letter) were ignored, so this evening I re-sent the email, and this time I copied in a different email address wh
  5. I just received a call from First Assist, claiming to be calling on behalf of the Halifax, with whom I have a bank account. They were offering personal accident insurance and were asking if I'd like to take part in their insurance scheme. At first I thought it was a free offer for all Halifax customers, so I asked if that was so. But then the lady said it would be £6 something a month, so I said no and thankfully they ended the call. Is there a way for me to opt out of these calls? I've looked on the Halifax website but I couldn't find an email address for them. I don't use the onlin
  6. Thanks for that. I have removed that section from my public profile, so now only my friends can see it. It made me feel uncomfortable, because when you are at work you are a captive audience and you are representing your employer. If a telemarketer calls you at home and they don't take no for an answer, you can just hang up. However, if you did that at work, it might make them think badly of the company or they might even call back and complain your manager. I work for a well-known company, so obviously I don't want to do anything which might damage their reputation.
  7. Where I work, we all have individual telephones on our desks and our own extension number. I work for a large company in a "back office" role and in my job, I only ever really deal with internal callers from other departments. In fact, I can only think of 2 occasions over the last 5 years where I've had to deal with an external supplier. This afternoon, I received a telemarketing call from someone trying to sell IT systems. Although I'm in a technical role, I have no say in how the company's budget is spent as I'm a junior employee and not a manager. I explained this to him, but he sti
  8. I have my own blog (online diary) on the internet, in which I write about the main events in my life, but nothing too personal. I only update it in my own time (never when I'm at work) and I'm always very careful to avoid writing anything negative about other people. I find it much easier to express myself in writing than I do verbally. Yesterday, someone left a comment on my blog which I found really offensive. This is what they wrote: "Bloody hell [my real name] you are a freak…. you don’t speak to anyone at work, you write on here like you have a personality but in fact you can’t speak
  9. Thank you for your advice. I'd love to go ahead and just apply for the job anyway, but there is a rule in our company that says if you want to apply for an internal job, you have to get the application signed off by your current manager, and they have to write a short reference saying whether they think you'd be suitable for the role. As my manager has already said I can't apply, it's unlikely he would sign the application form for me. Furthermore, the decision about who should be interviewed/offered a role would be made by the manager of that team (the one who rejected me during the re
  10. I recently went through a selection process, and I was one of the many people in my department selected for redundancy. My department is made up of 5 different teams. All 5 teams went through the same re-structure. When the managers were deciding who would get the roles in the new structure, they filled all the roles within my team. They wanted to keep me but there were only 7 roles in the new team structure, so there just wasn't enough room for me. However, there are still several unfilled vacancies in the new structure for one of the other teams within my department. My manager s
  11. Thank you for your advice. I'll see what happens when I have my meeting with my managers next week (to discuss the reasons for the decision in more detail) and then I'll decide what to do next.
  12. A re-structure/selection process has been going on in my department. In the current structure there are 120 employees, but the new structure will have 95 people. Today I had a meeting with my supervisor (and the senior manager responsible for my area) and I was told that I haven't been offered a role in the new structure and I've been placed at risk of redundancy, although I'm not yet under notice. I've worked in this department for 2 years, and I've always had good bi-annual appraisals and performance ratings. I've also had lots of positive feedback from internal customers and I
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