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  1. bought a mercedes 2003 diesel car ,trader described car as perfect, 2 weeks later i have had the car checked by a garage and the turbo is faulty .the car makes a whistleing sound while driving. was making whistle sound when i bought it. trader refusing to refund or fix the car. trader denies being a trader, he now says he is a private seller. what should i do. i want to take the dishonest trader to court. do i need to get an estimate from a garage,or do i need an expert opinion. also i have evidence that the trader is in fact a trader as he has 2 m
  2. paid 2 excess charges and got a bit of money from them case settled. thanks guys
  3. i have let them know it was a guy called B clinton from Monica avenue. cuckoo land. uk
  4. he came along and before long it became obvious that they send him with intention of finding a loophole to invalidate insurance. wasted 2 hours of my time and put me through so much stress. i will not be renewing my insurance with liverpool victoria again.
  5. recieved a bus lane penalty charge notice. stating i recieved a letter last month but i did not recieve one. do i have any chance of appealling and winning. the fine was origionally £60 now it says because i did not pay within 14 days i need to pay £90 i did not recieve origional first charge notice. what should i do ? pay or fight for my rights.? advice please . i have uploaded the letter recieved.. http://postimage.org/image/51deut0bd/
  6. i dont mind giving in depth details of accident.but i have a feeling hes going to be looking for in depth information to invalidate my insurance so they dont have to pay out.
  7. he has requested to see my mot .and at time of accident i did not have mot it had run out. are they likely to invalidate my insurance?
  8. LV motor insurance have arranged for a field investigator to call at my house,i had a small accident few months ago. i was told by the insuance that they need a statement. but now im told the investigator wants to have a 2 hour interview with me. are they just wanting a statement of what happened ? thats a 10 miniute job. i suspect the investigators job is to find some loophole to not pay out. can i refuse to allow the interview investigation? i claimed for a windscreen only. the third party pedestrian is claiming for injury. its annoying because insurance company only told
  9. i will have to wait and see what they do. im the registered owner but i was not driving. should i tell them who was driving and let them pursue him.? also do the dvla have the right to disclose my personal information to a third party ? i take it dvla are responsible for disclosing my name and address.
  10. sound advice if ,its before 1st october 2012. but things may have changed since then because of some freedoms law
  11. advice please. recieved a parking charge notice demanding £85 pounds or £50 if i pay within 14 days. also cctv photos attached to prove i was parked at shopping centre car park. where do i stand ? if i dont pay can they take me to court and win. do i need to tell who was driving ? thanks.
  12. i was out of the country,my house was burgled.there was 2 incidents,window found broken and boarded up by police.then 2 days lated boards removed from broken window and burglary occured.i returned to uk and claimed from my insurance. they have appointed a loss adjuster who is telling me i need to pay the exess of 350 pounds twice because there was 2 seperate incidents. is he right in what he is saying or can i fight to get them to accept one insurance exess payment of 350 pounds.where do i stand.advice please on how to deal with these loss adjusters,i have been pursuing my claim for over 1
  13. hi fergal,sorry about that,i couldnt be bothered to type an answer,also your answer was so good so used your wording.please dont take me to court lol i got enough court cases to handle at moment. if you want me to remove post let me know .
  14. yes it is a actual claim from a county court,and the county cour is 150 miles away from my house,is there any thing i can do to request court case in my hometown. im not bryan carter. thanks.
  15. why should these people get away with breaching the law if we cant get away with missing a payment or being late .... they deserve everything they get and I do not think it will end here.... credit reference agencies break the law by their shere existence, government ministers claiming expenses they are not entitled to and not going to jail,,,, would they allow me to pay back benefits that I had unlawfully claimed or would they throw me in jail " sorry judge fair cop I will pay it back and carry on like nothing has happened" cheers ... I dont think so... when are we going to get united and do
  16. capital one have passed the 10k debt onto few different collection agencies who have not taken me to court yet.i have also moved address and not told them, what can they do if they dont find me,can they get ccj on me if they cant find me.please advise
  17. i am requesting information regarding the complex area of law.so i know as to where i stand. just dues or not nobody wants to pay a debt they dont have to.anyone who argues this is being dishonest.if there is any way i can avoid paying them i will take full advantage of it.if the banks get a chance to shaft me will they not try to get as much from me as they can.if the law allowed them they would have people imprisoned for not being able to pay. absolutely nothing wrong with using law to protect your interests.
  18. hi, the debt collection company has sent me a claim form claiming 1100 pounds.they have sent it to my previous address, can i ignore it as it has not been sent to me? can they get a ccj against me when they have not sent to my address? do they need to send by signed for delivery in order for it to be valid? please give advice
  19. tell them straight,they cannot produce evidence of the debt,so your not paying them.invite them to take you to court.
  20. thanks for such valuable information on bankruptcy procedures
  21. am i doing anything wrong why is,nt anyone replying or advising me.
  22. i would like to hear from anyone who has actually sold the debt to one of these companies. the solicitor who is a practising solicitor advised me that he can sell my credit card debt to a company i would have to pay them 5 percent.and he says he will deal with the credit card companies ,if they give me any hassle.for a 250 pound per case fee,no win no fee basis. i did argue that this cannot be done its not legal.he challenged me and anyone else out there to prove him wrong.he even says he has written to some bbc website that has written an article saying these firms buying debts are i
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