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  1. I remember from the letters many months (& years now!) ago about them saying "may" all the time in letters but this outfit are using "intend" for the same purpose it appears It does look like they are blowing the dust off the old ones and having another go at getting something out of us.
  2. Thank you for your re-assurances here. About reporting them: could this be done by scanning the documents & e-mail (to the bulk centre & FCA) or would I have to post the "original fake" ones? I would like to stick the boot in if there's a chance! But it's still nice to know "ignore" is a way to go (in my case). I understand if I received a revised claim form with a claim number, log-in details etc and an county court stamp, it can be checked on-line for validity. It's about a week until DEAL say they will lodge it. Thank you!
  3. There are no log-in or password details at all on the paperwork. In fact, there's no claim number or issue date on the claim form which they say they intend to lodge at the named county court. What is odd also is the amount claimed on the Particulars of Claim is less than the amount claimed on the claim form. The invoiced incident was supposed to have happened over five years ago. I do think it's yet another attempt at worrying someone into payment.
  4. Hello once again! Received yet more correspondance: an envelope through the door (with a low-quality letterhead) from "Debt Enforcement & Action Limited" headlined "Final Reminder Before Court Action". It looks like it's begging for a reduced amount to be paid by calling a telephone number or doing it on-line at ce-service.co.uk. And if no payment's made, they are going to "...show this letter to the court.". In fact, they've attached a Claim Form for a county court with no claim number on it, a circle that says "SEAL" in it, CEL as claimants and their "invoicee(s)" as Defendants! The
  5. Hello. It occurred in 2009. I'm glad to see the words "irrelevant" and "ignore" a few times I also did think that they've sold off a list of invoice non-payers to some company in order to raise a few bob. Or, like they've done before, assign things to another "company" (someone sat at another desk waiting to pounce on any form of contact). Thank you once again for all you help and will update this should anything else turn up through the letterbox
  6. Thank you so much for your quick responses! The invoice (& the usual series of letters from CEL then Newlyn) goes back to 2009. I thought I'd heard the last of it and was quite surprised to received what I did. I'll do as you say and as I've done in the past with this one and ignore this. If anything else turns up, I'll post it up on here. Cheers!
  7. Hello once more! I took the advice from here and ignored all letters / made no contact after receiving an "invoice" from CEL after a short overstay in a car park back in 2009, over five years ago. I've now received from Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) a Notice of Assignment of Debt letter saying the "debt" has been moved to Debt Enforcement and Action Limited. I've had a look around on here and it appears that the advice given now is different to what was given back then so I'm wondering it it's still a case of keep ignoring or that I have to do something. Any advice
  8. Any help with this would be gladly received. I'm sure there's something that can be done. Thanks.
  9. I received the appeal form and was really surprised to see it being just barely over a page in length. Also, it doesn't let me explain fully about me not having any circumstances change. Through further calls to the employer and county council, a change of tax reference has been the cause of this. I was informed that they would not have told or have needed to have told me! The tax references should have been matched up so the records would be continuous. Calling HMRC again, I've still been informed to pay the "overcharge" (I should be owed over 6 months worth of Working Tax Credits t
  10. I recently received a overpayment notice of Working Tax Credits which were stopped some time back with the only explanation of "change of circumstances". This is the first time I'd actually been receiving Working Tax Credits. I thought that I'd "used up all my credit" and that the payments has stopped as they had "ran out". I called HMRC to query this and all they could say it that they were informed I was no longer working for the same employer. Only since, I've been able to work out that the payments stopped around the time when the school I work at converted into an academy. We were to
  11. Third letter ("FINAL NOTICE") received. Just been reading on here that this may be the last thing I receive from them, unlike Civil Enforcement Limited who sent about 7, including the Newlyn DCA ones
  12. I didn't expect to come back on here after going through the Civil Enforcement Ltd. "ignore everything" process a few years ago Received a Parking Eye invoice with pictures this morning. I'm going to do the same with them
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