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  1. Hi. He originally had the car on a three year agreement with the same company and that agreement had reached the end of its term. He could have handed the car back without penalty (or paid the balloon payment)but was under the misapprehension that their was some equity left in it. He therefore agreed with VWFS to enter in to a new deal with them (as per the contact uploaded) - effectively refinancing the balloon due and committing to a new hp deal. As far as the consent was concerned, he was well behind with his payments and therefore spoke with the finance company and they mutually agre
  2. Well spotted. I don't think he does have anything other than this. Shall I ask him to send off a CCA request with £1.00? Thanks. Bryan.
  3. Hi - I hope some caggers might be able to help me with this one. A very good pal of mine has fallen on hard times and had is car repossesed. VW Finance are chasing him and have issued proceedings on the multi-track for circa £20,000 (difference between what they claim was owed and what the car was sold for at auction). I am trying to help him defend the claim as there are a number of points where the claimant is being unreasonable. For instance, they have not allowed any early settlement rebate as detailed in the terms of the agreement and are charging him for all manner of remedial work on th
  4. **** Hi, I await that info but I think only 6 or 7. The amount of credit is over £25,000 so I thought would not be regulated by the CCA? However, this agreement suggests that it is is a CCA agreement but then does not include any of the normal statements. For instance, should there not be a section on a cooling off period etc? The car was taken from his driveway with his consent. Cheers
  5. Just a quick post for any Caggers out there who are in a position to offer their loan / card companies a "lump sum" full and final settlement deal. I have been advised by the CCCS over the last 12 months since I stopped paying my card and loan agreements due to the loss of our business. Since this time I have been making token payments of £1 pcm to each of my various creditors and have sent them budgets / lists of creditors. One of my main creditors was Lloyds to whom I owed £15,000 on a credit card and £12500 on a loan. I have a close relation who has offered to put a sum of money up to help
  6. Hi Vicky. Yes, most have been co-operative. Only Marbles I think, who have continued to add interest. I think it helped going through the CCCS - it adds credibility to what you are saying. Regards. Bryan.
  7. Hi. Thanks to all those who have commented and offered advice. I will start CCA'ing the creditors and see what they come up with. My only concern is that I have been paying the £1 pcm token payments. I wonder if this is taken as an admission of liability and whether or not I should in fact cease all payments when I CCA? Regards. Bryan.
  8. Hi All. My situation is complex. I hope someone here will be able to offer some practical advice. My wife and I owe approximately £120,000 on cards / unsecured loans / bank guarantees and stopped making the contractual monthly payments almost exactly 12 months ago. Before going any further I should say that this debt was not incurred through any sort of high living. I am a builder and our largest customer went into receivership. We used our credit line to complete a small block of 3 flats that we own. They were half finished at the time of the receivership and had I not finished them my liabil
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