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  1. Hi have you actually tried contacting novatech with your issue? the reason i ask is i have used this company myself for many years now and on the odd occassion i have had to complain / return a faulty product they have never ever refused and have always been very quick to repair / replace. if you have not already done so then i would certainly start there. Personally i would do this via email as at least you always then have written proof should you ever need it!
  2. im not 100% sure but i beleive LCS is part of first credit, personally at this stage i think i would deal directly with BG and ignore lcs at the moment untill such time that they can prove they own the debt....
  3. This is indeed true orange t mobile vodafone etc all install their own firmware which in turn can sometimes cause operating problems this is not always a problem with the phone but indeed there firmware!
  4. have to agree here dont take a chance cancel the contract return phone and sign up again!
  5. as far as i know once you unlock a mobile phone they class this as warranty void. if this is the case thats why they will not accept it back ( you have unlocked a locked phone ) i could be wrong so im sure some one with a deffinate answer will be along to advise.....
  6. hi as far as i know bradford and bingley , Abbey National and Alliance & Leicester are all part of santander......
  7. hi ive had an abbey account for only approx 6 months now so still have there terms and conditions... in there terms it says that all foreign transactions are subject to a flat £1.25 fee per transaction + 2.75 conversion fee. this is the very reason why when i go abroad or purchase anything in other than GBP i always use my nationwide account as they dont charge for foreign transaction although i beleive they maybe going to start in certain countries. perhaps someone else can offer you more advice just thought id tell you what i had found in my T/C Cheers
  8. hi i think what they have done going by my own experience with A & L they have returned the direct debit unpaid. and they have then charge you a penalty fee for going over your limit... in the morning you will probably see they have what they call reversed the direct debit and then added a penalty fee, its totaly wrong in my oppinion but hey banks dont care what the little people think, only how they can get money out of you to pay the bonuses....
  9. just wondering if you have heard anymore as i also have recieved a letter from these people threatning court action for a account that is in dispute ?
  10. Sorry know i have had an A + L account for about two years and have never suffered with that kind of problem, having said that i use firefox not ie... have you tried using a different web browser?
  11. I had a very similar instance in december last year with a time life magzine subscription that i no longer wanted as i had already reported the card lost / stolen in august of that year i was shocked when time life managed to take there payment 4 months after the card had been cancelled... i was told by the bank that in the case of subscriptions the card details automaticaly roll over to the new card and the fact that the account had no money in it at the time was not a problem becuase they just force the transaction through and make you go overdrawn.... and this is on a basic account with a v
  12. yes thats how i would read it as well, it also looks like you can not have the loan included in bankruptcy if ever that need should arise...
  13. i also had a bank acount with first direct about 3 year ago which i had my salary paid into every month... then one day i came home to recieve a letter from them simply saying that they were closing my account end of story... when i phoned to find out why they would not give me a reason just simply they were within there rights to close my account if they decided to! I personaly would never deal with hsbc or first direct ever again.....
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