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  1. Hi all, I needed a new battery so took my car to a battery wholesalers yesterday. Basicly they supply to the trade from a huge warehouse. Anyway the battery on my car is a nightmare to get to, so they offered to fit it for an extra £12 which I thought was reasonable. So the guy comes out to my car in their car park and proceeds to fit it. Now from what I have heard there is a proper way of removing and fitting the battery, and there is a short bodge aproach, and he took the latter. On taking the battery out he cracks the scuttle panel, which is the long plastic piece that runs along
  2. Employment Tribunal Update! Ok so things have progressed a little further since my last post. I have pressed ahead with an employment tribunal, and it has been accepted. My Ex-Employer has decided to hire an employment solicitor to fight his side. Now my questions are, Should I get a solicitor myself? Is it too late, now that everything has been declared to the Employment Tribunal. And struggling to find work means, I cant really afford a solicitor, am I entitled to legal aid? I have been asked by the Employment Tribunal to provide the respondent with a "Schedule of Loss" ie
  3. In all of your examples (Hairdressers, Barstaff) you seem to come to the conclusion that I was doing this, or going to be doing this on a regular basis! In the 3 years I have worked there, I have never done it, and was never going to do it again! The way I look at it I was doing a one-off job, to help a customer in a desperate situation! And when you say it's exactly like putting my hand in the till? How? AGAIN, I will illeterate that the money was never the companys property and it was never going to be, so I have not stolen from them! If I had not done that pickup, there was no other me
  4. How did you come up with that? The legal term for theft is defined as the dishonestly taking property with the intention to permanently deprive the owner of its benefit. The money was never the companys property and it was never going to be, so to say it is theft is wrong!
  5. Yeah I understand your example, but it's nothing like what I done!!!???
  6. There are plenty of things you can do in this situation. Firstly contact ACAS, they will give you free independant advice. I would also wait until the appeal meeting. Voice your concerns and reasons why you think you were unfairly dismissed. Write down your own notes, and if they take notes, make sure you read them first and only sign if you are happy with what they have written. Also make sure you take a witness with you either another member of staff, or a union rep. In regards to the witness you were entitled to, they should of informed you to select someone, and let them kno
  7. When I arranged the pickup with the customer, he was fully aware he was paying me the money and not the company!?
  8. I worked in a motorcycle shop and my duties involved collecting and delivering bikes in the company van. Friday night I was due to finish work at 5.30pm when one of our regular customers bikes broke down and he needed to be picked up from the side of the road. As it was almost 5.30 I said I would collect him in the work van and he would have to pay me cash in hand as it was a Friday night. Now I didnt ring my boss to check if I could use the van and went and collected him. The guy gave me £100 of which I put £20 diesel in the van, which was far more than I used, and put the rest in my pocket.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm just really worried i'm gonna come out of this with a criminal record for fraud, and that really isnt what I want for future job prospects!
  10. To be honest me and the collegue who grassed me up, got on fantastic. I was really shocked that he did it, but I guess he thought it was wrong. Although he did know of the arangement as he was their on the Friday evening it happened. As to the customer, I had picked him up twice previousley, albiet during working hours when he needed help. He's a police officer, so maybe thats the reason he has given the written statement to my boss. It wouldnt supprise me if it was him, giving my boss the legal advice! Unfortunatly no I have no proof of these instances, they occured without the boss know
  11. Exactly what I was thinking, it seems he is taking this far too far! I didnt think this person had anything aganst me, we got on brillianty during my 3 years working for him!
  12. Ok so this just gets better and better! I emailed my boss a letter of appeal and got the following response, I have also taken legal advice and we are confident in the manner in which Summary dismissal was used. I have also spoken to the Police and will be pressing charges regarding the charge of Fraud. I have a written statement from (THE CUSTOMER I PICKED UP) to the manner in which this occured. Please direct any further correspondance to me in writing by recorded mail which I can then forward to my solicitor for any further tribunal. What the hell do I do
  13. Right ok, so I'm just in the process of drafting up my letter, appealing the decision against termination. Can anyone advise me or add to? Basicly it is outlined as followed, TO Mr X This is a formal letter appealing your decision of termination of my employment. The main issues I am appealing against are as follows, 1.) You did not follow statutory dismissal procedures - I have then included a paragraph showing the correct procedure 2.) I have a legal right to a written contract, of which I have never received. 3.) In regards to taking the ve
  14. No maybe I havnt explained it properly. Basicly he has sacked me because I used the company property (the van) to make myself some money. I had no intention of giving the money to him, but did repay the diesel I had used. In response to your question above, yes all members of staff have borrowed the van at one time or another for personnel use without informing the boss.
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