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  1. Hi There After 6 months of hearing nothing from Rundle & Co - they have now started writing again - sending letters to my Parent's address, and stating they will be attending there today to remove goods to the value of £167.50 (for their fees - as the entire council tax debt has been settled in full directly with the council). They have been informed several times by my mother that I do not live at the property, and they asked them to send a copy of their council tax bill to prove that they reside there, not me. My Mother has sent this to them 3 times, and each time they promise
  2. Hi Steve - The problem is that she wants to continue living there, so the tenancy will not be fully terminated, meaning I have to wait until she decides to leave before I get my deposit back (basically means I am funding half a deposit for a house I will have no connection with, and have to rely on her leaving it in a clean and tidy state in order to get my full half back).
  3. I have checked the Tenancy Deposit paperwork and the certificate is in both our names. Surely if she is issued a new contract, she will need to cover all the deposit ? If she was to live there for say, another 6 months, and then leave the place in a complete state, I would have no control over that, but could lose the £400 of my deposit through no fault of my own.
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply. I will check through our paperwork and see whose name it is in. When I leave, I assume my housemate will need to get a new contract with my details removed ? Thanks again
  5. Hi I am hoping someone will be able to advise me regarding my rental deposit. Myself and a work colleague rent a house together - we are past the initial 6 month term, and now on a rolling rental agreement, so I only have to give one months notice. I want to move out (she is a nightmare to live with !) and have spoken to the letting agents, who advised me that I would not get my half of the deposit back until she moves out also. Is this right ? I thought that if she wanted to stay she would need to pay my half of the deposit to the letting agents. Seems kind of wrong
  6. I do see your point... But, the problem is I have promised my parents that I will contact Rundles to sort this out. My folks are so worried they are going to return home one day this week to find that this guy has come and taken all the things on his Levy. I am feeling so bad, as I only gave my parent's address as a mailing address to the council when I was inbetween properties.
  7. Hi again Thank you so much. Any ideas on wording for a letter/email to Bailiffs ? Libs
  8. Hi There Thank you for your speedy reply - really appreciate it. Think I forgot to mention the reason for my new concern is that they have sent a further letter (dated 31st March from a Mr Richards) saying that they will be attending within the next 10 days to remove the goods for public auction. The goods they have levied on are not mine, and are worth thousands of pounds (even second hand) - seems so excessive for £167.50 of fake Bailiff Fees. Obviously I do not want them removing my parents goods - and am now really panicking ! Libs
  9. Hi There Since my last post I have requested a copy of the Levy that was made, Rundle and Co have levied on goods outside my parents property - A trailer (which is worth about £5K) and all work tools and items in an outside garage (which are worth somewhere in the region of £10K). My mother has written to Rundles, stating that I do not live at their property, and that none of the goods belong to me. I have also paid the debt (which actually amounted to £145.92) in full to the council and they have accepted the payment and confirmed receipt. Where do I stand in relation to t
  10. Hi Thanks for the speedy reply. I will definitely get my parents to write to both the council and Rundles to inform them that I don't live there. The council do not have my current address - I am living at a friend's place at the moment, and do not want to rock the boat by having Bailiff's turn up at their place ! Does anyone know anything about the fees they are trying to charge ? Thanks
  11. Hi There I am being hassled by Rundle & Co for a council tax debt (I won't bore you with the whole story - but this is currently on hold with the local council while they consider some mitigating circumstances. They have also advised Rundle & Co to put this on hold for 14 days). My question is re the charges that Rundle and Co are trying to charge : I requested a breakdown of their charges of £167.50 - as to date the only communication received from them was a hand delivered letter to my parents address (I do not live there - this was given as a c/o address when I was be
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