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  1. I would report it if I knew how to do it and what to say. Unfortunately I don't. I understand that most of you know what to do and what to write. For me constructing an appeal letter is a struggle as I have no idea what to write. I assume that is how they make money. For £60 I won't get the lawyer and I am unable to write it myself. I will try to use some quotes from this thread but won't be abble to add to much myself. I will post here what I am going to put in an appeal. I understand that my chances are very limited to win but am doing it so they have to struggle to get the £120. I will prob
  2. Lamma, great argumentation supported with specific paragrafs. Thank you. Guys, please.... it is not a competiotion to quote others and spot who said what in his or her previous post. We are looking for facts. We all have to beat the system otherwise they will charge as for walking to fast or to slow. Its a business for them. Lamma, so I will quote this in my appeal: Penalty charge notices — service by post Evidence of contravention 6. A penalty charge shall not be imposed except on the basis of— (a) a record produced by an approved device; or (b) information give
  3. The question is under what grounds shall I appeal as there is not such a thing as out of date PCN notice?
  4. Is it illegal to stop to drop somebody off? I did not park there. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I have received an PCN on 02/02/2009 for a contravention that happened on 17/04/2008. WHAT HAPPENED: I have drop-off my girlfriend next to Paddington Train Station. I have pulled over, told here bla...bla...bla, we kissed (you can see her leaning toward me on the CCTV photo), she got off and I drove away. My engine was running all that time, my head lamps were on all the time, my wheels where not even straight because i was going to drive away. After all that time I have received a PCN asking me to pay. (Code 62) ) I have Challenge it using website form:
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