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  1. Hi all... I've just had a pelethoral of very similar equita problems over a parking ticket, in the Bath area. Finally I have put a form four complaint in against the bailiff, for a multitude of sins including giving of false information, intimidation, bullying, over charging of fees, no paperwork detailing them, etc etc etc..I'm waiting to hear about the court date, and I know from the humble phone call i received from the bailiff, reducing my fees from £470 to £150 just like that, that he has been requested to make a report to the court. Sadly for him, I am classed as vulnerable as I'm unde
  2. Dear All, sorry, it's been a while I know..I've been so caught up in all this.. there is a story on page four of this weeks' Bath Chronicle on whats happened to me thus far. The Form Four complaint is going ahead, waiting to hear about the outcome of the Bailiffs' report. The Director of parking Services has only just got back to me, probably due to news story, so am contemplating what i will be requiring of the council, though largely it will be altruistic, meaning that if i win my case I will be lobbying them to finish their tenous rleationship with the notorious Equita. That's a given. In f
  3. Am sending form 4 complaint to Torquay county courts, where my bailiff is licensed from today, and am sending the letter to Equita that Andie wrote me, asking for a breakdown of fees etc. Am very depressed and have had enough right now. Lifes' too short for this rubbish!
  4. Can someone tell me whether its possible to PM kb ba1? The press want to do a story on Equita etc, her contribution would be really helpful, it could be anonymous too.
  5. hi 'mum'! Are you in the Bath area? Would you be interested in lodging a joint complaint against him? I feel certain its the same person.
  6. I'm almost certain it will be the same bailiff we both had, there's only one apparently who handles the Bath area for Equita. The same one the four other complaints are about! we will get to the bottom of it all hopefully, and yes, I agree about his telephone manner!
  7. Dear All, I have this morning spoken to the secretary of my MP again, and am going to see him this afternoon at his surgery. I will be telling him that the Divisinal Director of the Parking Services in Bath whose secretary i spoke to yesterday is not interested and 'doesn't want to get involved' in this case, or indeed in anything connected with this situation regarding his own bailiff, so my hope is that the MP will lobby him to look at the contract he has with them etc. I thnk Andie very much for the letter templates, I'm taking them along to the MP, I think he'll approve of them as they're
  8. I asked the secretary if she thought it was a good idea for the council to be burying their head in the sand over all this, and I also informed her that I had just heard of others in the area who had serious complaints in relation to this company, she said something along the lines of 'oh well, we're really not interested'. Are these people fit to be running out local authorities? I'm wary of saying too much, but I couldn't feel more isolated right now, I'm am experiencing at first hand what happens when power gets in to the wrong hands, and how these people appear to close ranks.
  9. am copying the letter and will send it as soon as I've spoken to my MP again, he's unaware of the latest situation!
  10. thankyou very much, coulnd't have said it better myself.. Have today tried to make contact with the Divisional Director of Parking Services for Banes, and been informed by his secretary that he doesn't wish to get involved. Sorry, what exactly is his role in the council, of it's not to ensure that the debt collecting agencies, whose services the council employ, are legitimate? I think it's about time kb ba1, myself, and others out there who have and are suffering, got together and exposed all this for the [problem] it is, and try to put a stop to it all, for everyones' sake.
  11. Hi Andie, I have never received anything in writing detailing the fees or explaining what they were for. The original money the bailiff was looking for was £125.00. In incredibly similar circumstances to KB, i submitted a cheque for this amount in january, which bounced. I was out of the country at the time, on leave from my business, I'm a sole trader, and at christmas we had three robberies in as many weeks, I lost £2,500, which I can't claim back on insurance, as well as all the snow (I have a stall outside, which couldn't trade due to the severe weather). I suffer from depression and was s
  12. Hi to all..am brand new user, and joined just because of your threads!( KP BA1) Am suffering at the hands of whom I think might be this same bailiff, over a parking ticket issued at the end of November! Have been harrased, threatened to have my car taken, all the usual stuff, and fees have quadrupled in three weeks. Have got my local mp involved, and as of today, local press interested in running a story on bailiffs in bath area. I am a single mum, on medication for clinical depression, which he knows, this man has even harrassed my daughter whilst I wasn't at the house, I have reported h
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