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  1. Hello, What happens when a customer knows an item is faulty, sends it back and the retailer claims that it works perfectly? I bought PC components off Aria on 25.11.2011 including a power supply. The power supply was faulty and kept making my system shutdown, so I went through the RMA procedure and they received it from me on 09.12.2011. They sent me an email saying that they apparently tested it for several hours and there were no faults found, and that I would have to pay them a fee to send it back to me. I replied saying that despite what they claim of its performance on
  2. So if you can't afford to pay back a loan and don't own anything is declaring yourself bankrupt at all advisable?
  3. Hi, If I move to a new address and use one of those mailbox forwarding services such as: (Edit) and give my bank that as my address, and don't sign onto the electoral register does that make me impossible to find if I say, can't afford to pay back a career development loan I stupidly got conned into getting out by one of those IT academies? Is that how the mailbox service works? Also they can't get my address from someone like Virgin can they? Thanks
  4. Is it worth searching a credit file for less than £40?
  5. We don't own the place we're just renting, didn't register to vote, landlord pays water, gas and electric was top-up in the last place...... I think her name is only down to pay council tax and for her bank to send bank statements, no credit card only a simple current account with debit card. Is there any way they can trace her? Maybe that's why they resorted to the securemail trick? Thanks for all your answers!
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure she didn't register to vote. So does anyone know if you're on the electoral register if your name is on the council tax? Thanks
  7. We are doing the whole we don't live at this address thing.... They tried to set the trap of having securemail try to deliver something that we needed to sign for to confirm that we live at the address but we didn't fall for that one. We heard from someone that debt collection agencies have access to where you live on the council tax, is that true? I was telling my girlfriend I shouldn't think they would put much effort in trying to get a debt that is under £50, but is this likely to ramp up to something in the hundreds or thousands? We are a bit broke at the moment, and re
  8. This is for a debt which is less than £50. I know, but we are far from rich... Girlfriend put the water bill in her name in the previous shared house. Bunch of parasites didn't pay it. They chased her for it, but only have a name (not at all a common name, but spelled incorrectly) and a mobile number. They have threatened with the debt agencies and credit ratings, but we haven't yet heard from any debt agency. As far as I know, they aren't allowed to touch your credit rating without going through court first (am I right?). But recently, her bank have told her there is some sort
  9. Is this legal? We found a flat through this estate agent, met the landlord and agreed with him to just rent the place without going through the agency anymore because we get on well and neither party wants to waste money on a leeching middle man. He phoned them up and told them he's taking it off the market. Meanwhile, I'm threatening to complain to the Ombudsman for Estate Agencies, of which they're a member, for not giving back my holding deposit. They're using the excuse that we didn't move in on the "predictable date". Emphasis on "predictable". Obviously for the return address o
  10. £3000 a year off every student - I'm sure the chairman of the uni will still be able to afford another Jaguar if he doesn't manage to steal £180 off a data entry clerk.
  11. I appreciate your advice Mr. Ton, Thanks. So just to clarify - until they find me, they can't touch my credit rating and make it difficult for me to get a mortgage for the next seven years, right?
  12. It wasn't a fine for damage, it is them trying to make some profit out of me because of things like loud music and messing about. I don't think I should have to pay £180 for some minor messing about I did when I was still a teenager, like I said I have matured since then and want to get on with my life. £180 is still a lot of money for me at the moment though and just want some advice on whether I am safe from them.
  13. Hi, would be very grateful if someone in the know could give me a couple bits of advice... A few years ago I went to university but left in the first year. While I was there, I racked up some fines for misconduct while living in halls, totalling £180.00 (I did sign something saying I agreed to their rules of conduct before living there, but £180.00 was excessive for what I actually did). I've calmed down and matured since, but thought that since I don't go to that university anymore I would get away with just not paying it despite the numerous letters from them sent to my parents' ad
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