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  1. thanks for this, as the court lady was so nice i didn't want to just leave it and then be seen as just not attending so i will contact them and see what they say, I will then wait for the CCJ thing to arrive and i will go to court, i've still not seen any statement of account ot CCA i have asked for so i will defo be going to court if they do as it's ridiculous the amount of charges they have added.. thanks again for your help not sure what i would have done without this site.. and i'll come back once i get the request for CCJ.. thanks again
  2. hi all update I went to the courts who were very very helpful and i requested for the sd to be set aside, i got my date back but then i also got a letter from capquest saying they had wrote to the courts and me saying they wouldn't take the sd any further and they would just issue a CCJ as they still felt the charges should stay they still have not sent me my CCA, should i not attend court and just take the ccj, or attend court for the ccj and fight for this too...?? ps. your help was very helpful thanks xxx
  3. i have just sent of my request for the CCA and will sort the set aside out tomorrow as i need to word it right etc, and i can't put they haven't sent me know as i have only just requested it... thanks v much for your help on this 42 man, it seems CQ are issuing these to alot of people and if they actually just accepted payments which people can afford then this would probably have been settled a while back, i also can't see how it is justified to an amount of over 1500 when the fire only cos less than 500.. 7 years ago !
  4. After looking at the other posts what would i put in the dispute as i guess i have to write it in?
  5. i will report this, as i can't believe they are doing this, the last conversation i had with them ended in them demanding 200 at least from me i was on maternity leave at the time and couldn't afford, next i hear from them is this letter.. i have my CCA letter ready and my postal order and will send it to them, as soon as i have done this i will do the set aside form, but do i just take to my local court? god this is scarey will i have to go to court?? i will also use the post from you with reasons as to why this should be set aside.. and i dont think there has been a specific period of 6 years without payments, I have asked on numerous occasions for a statment to be sent which shows the payments i have made etc which i have never had..
  6. also I am just reading through the letter and it says that if i dispute this demand in whole or part i should firstly contact capquest?? if i then dont get a response i should apply to have it set aside to the court ( but there are no details of what court to apply to?? ) is this the CCA form i am requesting? do i just go to my local court and fill out the forms on the grounds the amount is in dispute??
  7. thanks for this, well this is very good information but slightly worried as it was just posted to me normal post i didn't have to sign for it or anything, but if i ignore this (if i am write in what i have read) then can nothing happen? and they will just try and settle the amount anyway? as you can tell i have no idea on legalities but thankyou very much for your replies..
  8. it is a statutory demand , form 6.1says i have 18 days to set aside or 21 days to pay in full... also i have made payments in the past... also what really confuses me is that is says from clysdale/ Barkleys originally but this was a finance agreement made with Northen electrics for a silly fireplace for buy now pay next year in 2002 the fireplace only cost £400 quid... I'm not sure why barkleys are mentioned??
  9. Hi i really hope someone can help me, Cap quest have send me a letter and form stating they are forcing bankrupcy for (4 figure sum) quid. I have read through lots of posts and an a little confused, I'll explian I understand i need to request a CCA and a postal order of £1.00 then contact the court and ask then to set this aside. But this debt was originally from a fire place 0% finance for £400 about 8 years ago so yes i am disputing the charges etc, but I thought that debts over 6 years where dealt with differently? I do owe the money but capquest demanded hundreds off me each time and refused a smaller payment.. They also know i am a homeowner !! could i Loose my house? any advise would be welcome thanks Lou
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