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  1. I am with the cccs and every month they pay Halifax the agreed amount. In February I had my budget reviewed by cccs and after asking them to send my new budget to my creditors they failed to do so, so in april this year I started getting phone calls from Halifax demending payment, the phone calls were from retail bank collection. I managed to get cccs to re-send the new budget to halifax, however I was already charged interest at standard rate, rather than the agreed 1% and I got charged late payment fees and charges. I explained to halifax I am still with cccs and they have been taki
  2. you can try 'contract checkers', they check agreements for free, I submitted 2 and 1 came back unenforceable today so i will be taking action further on that card.
  3. im my case i paid on time cause i went with cccs they defaulted even though month before i had not missed any payments.
  4. they said they take any account open before april 2007, they said cause they confident they can get it wiped so they do not cherry pick the accounts they take all accounts open before april 2007.
  5. they are called credit card killer, do a search on google should come up, goodluck.
  6. their is this company which buy your credit card debt off you, provided the contract is prior to 2007 and then you can write to the credit card reference company to have the card removed from your file, hence the default is removed as well.
  7. BobbyH99, your correct, I am not concerned whether i have a balance after 6 years still, the main problem is having that 'default' entry on my file. As it states it will be removed whether or not you have paid the debt in full. so justhadenough and gizmo11, your both wrong. Even if bough back up to date, I think it will stay for max period 6 years and if satisfied before then it will say 'default satisfied' but the word default wont remove until after 6 years. justhadenough, nice of you to scare people, luckily i read my credit file from experian.
  8. Im sorry but your mistaken I looked at my credit reference file and under each default their is a note that states 'A defaulted account is removed from your report after six years whether or not you have paid the debt in full. If you have paid some of the debt off, the balance should show how much you still owe'.
  9. Hello, I have got 4 defaults on my credit reference file. The reason I got these defaults is cause I signed onto cccs and they told me stop payment as they would take payment from me and pay my creditors, so no need to make 2 payments, even though i made a gratuity payment of £10. Before I went with cccs i never missed a payment, its just when i did this change over I got the defaults on my credit ref file, but they are now still receiving payment from me, which the card companies agreed and they stil put a default on my credit ref file, is their anyway to get this removed please, its not t
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