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  1. Hi All, Just a word of advice....... If your ever are unfortunate enough to be hit by a driver insured with Royal Sun Alliance, Please make sure you DO NOT LET them try to resolve it even if they admit full liability..... Our parked car was hit by a RSA Client and you wouldnt believe the hassle we have had and is still on going...... * Failed to provide a loan vehicle due to various reasons (staff shortages / Needing to see the original cover note before letting you take car away but they couldnt confirm details of loan vehicle until we got to their pick up point, which m
  2. Hi All Has anyone had a response for Santanders Resolution Manager Lesley Budge..... I recieved a resolution letter today regarding a dispute between myself and Santander, the resolution letter has to be the biggest joke i've ever read as doesnt address the dispute I actually rasied and then goes on to state how many times they have tried to contact me.... I called the resolution manager - Lesley Budge and asked if she actually read the original letter and clearly she hadnt...., I asked when she called........er dont know....., I asked did she leave a message on answerphon
  3. Ladies and gents Just a little bit of help would be good...... Only needs 60 people to get 20 people, who can get 15 people, who can then get 10 people, who can get 5 people and we've cracked it.
  4. Hi All My daughter has made a video for the McFly battle of the fans competition which closes on the 8th January (no pressure)….….. You don’t even have to watch the video and there’s no ad’s or spam so PC safe……..She Just need’s as many votes as possible to try and win a chance to meet the band. Pretty please could you possibly click the “like” link on this video (facebook required) http://supercity.mcfly.com/battleofthefans/view/503 Feel free to promote via any possible means (Partners, Son’s, Daughter’s, Family, Friends and then their
  5. Hiya I didnt have any PPi cover and charges where £120 which i paid as knew it was my fault at the time but now feel that I should try and claim these back just for the fact they clearly didnt want to help and would rather make more money out of me by trying to keep things as is.. Larger payments and years longer term Regards Julian
  6. Hi Alll Not sure if posted in correct place but here goes..... The situation Debt Abbey Loan = £2000 (1 year to go ) roughly £116 a month Abbey Credit card = £4000 (paying min each month) roughly £148 amonth (repayment term forever) Cahoot Flexi Loan sold to Santander interest rate gone through roof = £4000 (pay min each month) roughly £148 a month (Repayment term forever) Unfortunately I was made redundant early 2010 and missed 2 months payment on all 3 accounts, however now back in employment and have caught up with all the arrears and back on track. I
  7. Hiya You just need to supply your postal outcode (i.e BN9) and i'll be able to tell you if its a south east or southern water reading area Regards Jdmave
  8. Hiya Sorry to read about your potential issue, If you'd like to provide me with your email address I maybe able to help (No Promises) and get a speedy response (good or bad). Regards Jdmave
  9. Hiya Do you know the history of meter (of course not) so why would you want to keep it, Get a fresh one and see how things go. I appreciate and value the previous posters comments but as I used to work in Meter Operations / Debt recovery for BG I can assure you I have seen many a faulty meter. Regards Jdmave
  10. Hi All Dont have meter checked, Just tell them that you want it changed as do not trust its accuracy and or calibration (could even mention contacting HM weights & Measure's for advise) regards Jdmave
  11. Hi Stuckinahole Sorry to hear of your bad experiences, however I can say I was once a warrant officer for BG and now moved on, but can hand on heart say BG are pussy cats when it comes to executing warrants and in all my time (7 yrs) they usually bent over backwards. Regards Jdmave
  12. Hiya No of us are happy with waiting around only for the appointment not to be kept and clearly frustrating. But unless specified they would none the wiser you would have liked a telephone call prior to visit (which cannot be gauranteed) and instructions given to the engineer that you had a parking permit arranged for them. Parking in our city centres is becoming a joke and the engineers will do best they know where they can or cannot get away with parking (usually from personal experience, and costs that have esculated from getting caught out) If the Siemens managed to fin
  13. Hiya Wellie 81 Unfortunately the answer is yes Accuread do now work for credit agencies (some major companies now use thier services for data collection). However I would say the Data Collectors behaviour was strange as they would have all the relevant information (could be incorrect - if they are chasing dubious characters that have borrowed your address) on thier Handheld Terminals. Visit Accureads website and give them a call, Their systems will have have every address or job enquiry they have ever completed and the nature of visit. My guess at Data Collectors behav
  14. For BG to excute a warrant they have to jump through hoops with court's to get JP's signature. Every step has to be documented and they have to demonstrate they have tried all means of contacting the customer and allowed sufficent response time (1-2 years). Regards Jdmave
  15. Hiya Yogsothoth It would appear your sutck in the fantastic world of SAP which involves you accaount performing circles in the automated system even though your financial circumstances are totally fine. As previous advised, BG pre warrant letters are very very rarely actioned and they have to follow a very strict regime to get any JP's signature for execution. The pre warrant letter does what its designed to do, Get a reaction from those customers that never respond but unfortunately they do reach innocent customers. Regards jdmave
  16. Hi Stuckinahole This doesnt sound like BG, I can assure you from within the industry that warrants of entry are used in the most extreme cases and even thats after a 1 -2 years of sending the same pre warrant threatening letter. Jdmave
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