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  1. Hi again, I am not a legal person and therefore can only help with the circumstances of the PPI claim you made. However, if you click the red triangle at the bottom of this page it will bring your questions to the attention of a member of the site team who have a lot more knowledge than me on the further issues you raise. Hope this is of help. Kind Regards PH
  2. Ooops sorry about the above post, pressed the wrong button. As stated my friend was in reciept of income support. When her claim was closed (not suspended) on the grounds of alleged co habitation she spent months asking on what grounds the claim was closed. It was not until a LSC solicitor wrote to the DWP on the alleged co habitation that a reason was given. The solicitor put in a late appeal on her behalf which has now been accepted and the DWP is currently investigating this separate issue. My friend then attended the Atos medical, (then made a new claim the day
  3. Hi again, She has DWP correspondence to confirm that up to October 2009 she was claiming income support, made up of a payment of income support, plus an additional payment because she was sick or disabed. In O
  4. Hi, a friend of mine has been claiming incapacity benefit since 2007, and in October 2009 her benefit was stop'd and the claim closed as a result of a separate issue of alleged co habitation. She was subsequently requested to attend a 'Personal Incapacity Assessment' on 9th December 2009, and on 10th December 2009 she made a new claim for benefit. The point is, when she attended the Medical on 9th December 2009 she was NOT in reciept of any benefits / niether had she put in a new claim for benefits / or at that time appealed the closed claim. This seems wrong to me. Can an
  5. Just a quick one, a friend of my has been claiming incapacity benefit since 2007, in october 2009 the claim was closed due to a separate issue of her allegedly co habiting. On 9 December 2009 she was required to attend an Atos Madical and then on 10 December she started a new claim. The point is, she was NOT in reciept of any benefit when she was required to attend the 'Personal Incapacity Assessment', this appears wrong to me. Can the DWP do this? and if not, what is the relevant law.
  6. Hi again Landy It looks to me that you have got them by the 'nuts' mate. They admit that a substantial part of the commission ellement was a fee, therefore a charge for credit, and as other more knowlegable caggers will confirm to include a charge for credit, in total credit, is a no no. Hope this is of help PH
  7. Hi Landy Be obliged if you would clarify what recent case law Swift lawyers are refering to in this regard. Kind Regards PH
  8. I agree, sending a S.A.R.N to GE will result in there SendAny Rubbish Now policy. In my case I sent in my S.A.R.N request (for an expired loan) and GE sent me a pile of usless informaton but NObroker /packer documentation, I wrote back explaining this and no reply was the answer, after 60 days (not 40) I asked a solicitor to follow up and write to GE, again no reply was the answer, I paid for counsels opinion who came up with the answer 'you are reliant on GE being honest and forthwright in providing the broker / packager documentation (ha ha fall off the chair) however if GE contend they
  9. Yes it should, however as a Barrister told me if GE say they no longer have the document, there is not a lot you can do about it. amazin.
  10. Maybe a bit thick - can anyone tell me the difference between negligence and fraud in relation to section 32 of the limitation act.
  11. Hi, is the limitation period for breach of 'fiducary duty' (secret commission) 6 years from the date that the credit agreement was entered into, as there appears to be no limitation period in the statute book. Or is the limitation period extended to 15 years for concealment ( the banks never thought we would find out) or 15 years for a special category of fraud where it is unnecssary to prove motive. Or, does the limitation period run from the date that the concelment or fraud was discovered. Very confusing.
  12. Thanks citizen B, will do. Bit of a newbie on this site, thanks for you guidance.
  13. Thanks for your input citizen B, however my concern is that in his judgement of 29th January 2009 (Heath v Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited, which supersedes existing threads), HHJ Purle QC having considered the language of section 18 concluded 'that in this case the mortgage could not be separated into 2 parts without affecting its central character, which was to make one advance, not two'. As this case will have massive implications for borrowers when arguing 'multiple agreements' in future. It has to be asked, do the existing threads on 'multiple agreements' still hold?
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