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  1. Halifax have just said they have to wait for 15 working days after the payment, to give EPM time to refund the money, although i know they wont. After these 15 days they will open a dispute claim, not sure if this is the same things? Does it make a difference that i have a visa electron, rather than a regular visa debit card? Thanks
  2. Looks like EPM are at it again. I have had £59.94 taken from my account from EPM your-money.tv I have called their office, emailed them with no satifactory responses from either. Their website has vanished today, rip off [problematic]! On the phone i was told i registered back in March 2011 and they have being trying to take money since then but no funds have been available, what a load of rubbish! Strange that it was March 2011 when EPM EZE loans took £70 out of my account. Halifax will not help, i have just been advised to close my account or they can continue to take money! I will be writing to the headoffice address they have given me, but not holding out much hope! Their head office address is 4200 waterside centre, solihull parkway, birmingham, b37 7yn.
  3. Hi, I've just joined this site, and need to ask a question about wf..... In May 2005 i purchased 25% of a house whilst a housing association owns the majority 75% to whom i pay rent. I took out a secured loan with wf for £7500, i believe the acceptance fee has been charged interedt, but i have since heard that wf could not have secured the loan on my home as the housing association own most of my house and i have minus equity in it. Also taht wf HAVE to have permission from the housing association and/or mortgage lender to secure a loan on their home??? Would some one please be able to tell me if my loan may be unenforceable due to them obviously not carrying out their land registry checks properly? Everytime the idiots call me, they always ask if i want to remortgage my house with them, as it is worth £120,000 and my mortgage balance is for £34,000. I keep telling them that it is a shared ownership property and that i have negative equity in my home. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have received loads of threatening phone calls, letters and aggressive banging on my door, and would love to find a way for my loan to become unenforceable!!! Thanks
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