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  1. Reported again to consumer direct and details all taken.
  2. Hi again.Another letter from connaughts this time saying they may apply to make me insolvent..If this happens then they will press for bankruptcy.Is it a carefully worded threat letter that can still be interpreated as a may make you insolvent or a definate we will make you insolvent.This letter arrived after another call from connaughts saying that he is going to recomment that the company makes me bankrupt.Is it time for another letter or still just ignore them.
  3. thanks for your reply cerber will ignore and complain again to oft
  4. I received a phone call from connaughts saturday.I was only asked to confirm my name before they siad they wanted payment for the debt with the discount they were offering.No security questions were asked.I explained that the debt was in dispute with 1st credit and that connaughts should pass the debt back to 1st credit.They then asked me as to what the problem was with the credit agreement and i explained that i had explained all in my dispute letter to connaughts and ist credit and that i didnt carry a copy around with me in case of a phone call from connaughts.He said i had signed the agree
  5. Hi Babybear39.The cca is in thread 3.They just sent another copy.I think theyve sent it about 4 times now and still the same.
  6. Hi im back.Those dastardly people at connaughts have sent me all the past statements and a copy of the credit agreement .The credit agreement is unenforceable and no deafualt notice or termination notice was enclosed.Is it a case for another account in dispute letter or just ignore them.
  7. Will send letter and have sent a complaint to the oft already.Thanks for your help cerber.
  8. Hi again.Have received another letter from judge and priestly.Do i send another bemused letter and point out that i have not received and enforceable credit agreement or just ignore the letter.
  9. thanks cerber.letter on its way and complaint winging its way too.thanks for your help.
  10. Hi again.letters coming thick and fast.this one from judge and priestly.just to confirm that its the bemused letter to send to them.thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks your for reply Cerber.Letter being sent today.
  12. Hi again.I am being bombarded with letters at the moment.I have received a letter from lcs solicitors threatening court action.I would just like to confirm that i send them the bemused letter to them.many thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks cerber.will post letter first thing.Many thanks for your help.
  14. Hi.I received today a letter from connaught collections saying they had been instructed by their client 1st credit for payment on the account.I have not received any correspondance from 1st credit to say the account was being passed on.Also i still have not received an enforceable agreement from ist credit.I have sent 1st credit an account in dispute letter and scarletts letter.any advice please on how to respond.many thanks.
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