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  1. I've thronw in the toewl and imringing Lowell to ask for Tomlin oder. I've not beenn able to do statemaents that's are today. Thanks .
  2. Is it ok for this pictuer so you can see the dates. Thanks
  3. Andyorch amount claimed 718.35 cuort fee 60.00 legals 70.00 all together 848.35 i have all peper work , I can screen shoot it on my ipad
  4. Andyorch I suffer with dyslexia so I get muddled up with writing and numbers. it takes me a long time to understand stuff. That's why I didn't fill in the questionnaire it was hard for me....it's embarrassing A friend helped me do all this paperwork for this claim but she died 4 weeks ago unexpected and I'm struggling.
  5. Andyorch, thanks for the reply. I will have a look when I'm home from hospital. Is it to late in the day to offer a payment ? I'm really struggling at home at the minute, health issues, very poorly dog and family problems I honestly don't know if I have the strength to continue. Then I think of all the hard work already done with this claim.
  6. Hi sorry for very very late reply. I have filed my defence, had the directions questionnaire. I had the court changed and now have a date for my local court. I've found this very hard and tried to do this on my own as I know your all very busy helping everyone. Lowells have until 4pm on the 20th May to pay the court. The hearing is at 10am on the 17th June. Attached to the small claims track is a letter about witness statements and own evidence, I'm now totally confused and I would like some help if possible. Thank you.
  7. Hi guys/gals its been awhile since I posted and needed any help so bare with me. Lowell have bought an old Vanquis debt, I have had loads of letters and ignored them, I haven't had any contact with them on the phone either so I've not acknowledged any thing. On Saturday received court papers, I have registered with money claim AOS as I want to defend. I was told about a 3 letter process to send to Lowells solicitor but don't know what the letters are. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
  8. I don't understand why you've mentioned DD ? He wanted to know if it's to late to change his mind about taking his pension on one lump sum.
  9. Is it to late for him to change his mind, he only spoke to them at 5pm tonight. He's going to ring pension wise on Monday.
  10. He turns 55 next week and he has a few pensions. He is in need of some money so he's taking one of his pensions as a lump sum. He spoke to the Pru but to be honest they wouldn't give him any advice but wanted to pass him on to one of there financial advisers that was going to cost a lot of money. He spoke to Pension wise but never mention the AOE as it never entered his head that it might affect it. He so worried now that Bradford & Bingley will get his money. Thanks.
  11. Hi, My ex hubby has just asked to cash in a pension with Prudential and its value is £25,000. He has just had a terrible thought and now is panicking. He works full time with a wage of £25,000 a year and he has an AOE that goes out his wages every week for Bradfoed and Bingley. Will this pension money affect his AOE ( will he have to pay more) Will the cheque come with the Tax already taken off it or does he have to contact HMRC and pay them direct? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks ericsbrother will have a look today and contact them tomorrow.
  13. Old Cogger I think this is the service CAB used, it give him the above information but couldn't find a phone number or anything. Thanks for replying.
  14. Hi, I am asking on behalf of my ex hubby about a pension. He has been making enquiries about cashing in a couple of his pension and went to see someone at CAB for advice. He was told about all the pensions he had but after making enquiries has found 2 other small pension he didn't know he had. He rang the first up and they are sending him all the details they hold but the other company he is having trouble tracing. Can anybody help him or point him in the right direction please. The company he use to work at was Schooner seafoods. Ropery street, Hull. Apparantly it was part of Hughes Food Group. It's is either Liberta/Liberty Zenith, 7 Cheapside, Reading. RG1 7AQ. We have both tried but can find anything. Thanks in advance.
  15. I have been on the phone all morning. Going round in circles. Rang MetLife, they haven't any dealings with CITI .... .they gave me a number for Reassure but they have no idea either. Rang CITI and they gave me this address. CITI financial Europe Plc, PO box 4904, Worthing, BN99 3AS. here is a landline number but it gets diverted to some poor blokes mobile and he's fed up of people ringing lol. I not sure whether to write or not as it might be a vacant property. The policy is called Takecare Policy of insurance, Lifecare for joint life, is this the same as PPI because if it is they paid me out back in 2015. Thanks.
  16. It appears every time I took out a loan with CITI or renewed I paid for this cover. Do I send a SAR to Cumberland? Thanks. Just used something called Policy detector and it looks like Cumberland are now managed by MetLife Limited and are based in Canary Wharf were CITI financial are....now there's a coincidence lol So do I send a SAR to them instead ? Thanks.
  17. UPDATE........ Today got my SAR's back from Associates/ CITI and it appears they have paid me out on all accounts, although one of the accounts the policy number is different by 1 number. After having a quick look through I have found that there is some policies for Takecare Policy for insurance for Family..... Is this PPI ? It Appears to be some sort of life cover. I have sent an email with a picture of the policy. Thanks. Sorry should have said I sent the picture to the CAG email, thanks. citi takecare policy.pdf
  18. They would have all our income details from the wage slips we provided at our interview. My ex asked his friend in the accounts department if B&B had contacted them and he said no, the first they knew about this was when the AOE was received. We definitely have not had forms n55 n56 .......
  19. I don't have any policy numbers or anything for Irish life, not even an address for them. What now?? Thanks.
  20. As some of you know from another thread https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?464969-very-old-B-B-mortgage-shortfall-CCJ-order-to-attend-court-help! Bradford and Bingley have been hounding me for 21 years for a shortfall on a mortgage when I lost my house. They have well and truely stitched me up so I'm hoping for some revenge lol I sent a SAR's to them last year and got hundreds of papers back from them I have found some documents that looks like I had PPi on the mortgage. As I only have an iPad I have sent the document to cag email for you to look at and upload onto here. Thanks. advance approval form.pdf
  21. I have not receieived the forms you have posted about. I have been at this address for 17 years and nothing like that has come here. I am very disturbed to know that a third party can access my bank account, how is this possible? Would the bank not have contacted me? I'm confused now. I have gone through the SAR from B&B and the shortfall they have chased me for was just over £22k but over the last few years it's now £35k......more confused.
  22. Andyorch........ My ex and myself had to attend an interview in August at court and apparantly this was to find out our financial situation so they could execute the AOE....... We filled out a very thorough I&E provided by Bradford and Bingley. We have had no letters from anyone apart from the last letter in September telling us they had not accepted our offer of £20 per month. I rang Bradford and Bingley yesterday and the guy I spoke to has lodged a complaint on my behalf and he agreed I should have had some sort on letter regarding the AOE. I am also going to put in writing the complaint, any advice and input would be helpful as to word this letter. Thanks.
  23. Just thought I would share this information with you. I have spoken to the court about the AOE order my ex has been served with and I apparently never got any paperwork regarding this because a CCJ was obtained against us in 2006 and as its a mortgage debt it is enforceable for 12 years. I was led to believe it had to be applied for again after 6 years, this is only correct if its any other debt. The lady at the court said B&B applied to have this enforced in October and it went straight ahead has an order was already in place, she also said that out of curtesy I should have been informed it was been enforced.
  24. Would I have to make a new thread in the PPI forum asking for help and advice on possibly claiming, thanks.
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