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  1. Hi I went to USA with work and have been charged a fortune for calls. Before I went I was told that I would be able to use the phone in the US but that the cealls would be more. I decided I would keep the phone for use in US for calls of less than a minute and not use it for any more than this so I was not building up huge bills. When I got to the USA I found my phone would not enable me to make any calls. I also found my wife was not able to call me from her mobile. My wife called Tmobile to ask them about this. They informed her that they would put a USA and Canadian on bot
  2. I plan to ring the mortgage company tomorrow and pay them the standard payemnt, try to get them to confirm the debt plan was agreed with them as I am confused by it all. I think if I can't get a straight answer from either companies I will have to pay the mortgage company the extra that was agreed originally. This might leave me a bit short but it is better than giving them an excuse to start proceedings. Off to try and get some sleep now as I have work tomorrow and will need to try and get this sorted out before work. I will check in here in the morning first thing. Thanks for
  3. Interesting - I think I was told they had arrangements with several companies and I think (but I am not sure) they said Halifax was one of them.
  4. Sorry I should have said I was sent a default notice stating they intend to proceed if I do not pay arreas in full. I rang them to say that I couldnt pay in full but that would pay normal payment plus some extra to clear, and explained about the payday loans. That the reason I had not paid installments since november was because of the payday loans taking money befor eI could pay the mortgage I then explained I was planning to open a new bank account so I could pay them first and would then see if I could come to an arrangement with the payday loans. It was then they offered the free D
  5. Thanks The Mortgage is with GE and the DMP is Gregory Pennington - they have also set up a bank account. It was put to me that the mortgage company would rather me keep maing them payments and not have to go through repossesion and the DMP is something they offer customers for this to happen. At least the payday loans wont be able to empty my pay traight out of the account tomorrow and I can pay the mortgage company. I am not sure what is happenning as when I spoke to the mrotgage company they were not really aware fo any agreement with Gregory Penningtons. I am very confused by it a
  6. I am no expert - but would Harrington's need to tell you the details you need if you sent them an SAR if they have them? (cheeper to send £10 to them rather than £10 to each of your creditors)
  7. Normally I woul not touch debt managamne t companies with a barge pole but I was being threatened with repossession as I am behind on my mortgage due to a sticky mess with paydayloans (what an idiot I am). Crux of this is that my mortgage company put me in touch with a debt management company saying they would pay the fees for me - this is within the last few weeks. My mortgage company is telling me to pay some extra on top of my normal payment to pay off some the arrears as agreed before the debt management company came online. I am being told if I don't pay this they will start proceedings
  8. Would not paying the genuine part of the debt be fraud? All along we said we wanted to pay for the goods we received but not the additional charges - wanted these to be removed before we payed them.
  9. Hi Bazooka To be honest I am not sure what the correct balance of this account is without the charges - We will send a CCA request to Moorcroft and one to the cataogue to see where things stand. Once we have fended off the legal threat - then I guess we should send a DPA request for the statements and anything else they have to the catalogue - this way we find out what we actually owe and can send them "goodwill" payments in installments. Thanks again!
  10. Interesting - this went all quiet - hence my silence. Then out of the blue a new letter from Moorcroft giving notice of intended litigation. This is a standard letter that lots of others have received. My wife is bottling it but I have told her not to worry too much yet. I intend to get her to send a CCA request to Moorcroft tomorrow - we didn't bother doing this with Fredricksons. This account is obviously doing the rounds so will try to nip it in the bud this time. Just so I don't get complacent here but does Moorcroft ever go the full distance? I have had similar de
  11. I just wondered - if I used the right to cancel on a payday loan on my payday, and agreed to repay them the original loan after cancelling my debit card - would there be any come back. ie. not having to pay their large interest charges etc. Has anyone tried this? Thanks!
  12. OK have been digging through letter some more an dhave now found 2 letters from Red Collection Agency - I think this is part of Lowells. I will send the letter to them. There is an email address - can I use this as it would be faster?
  13. I think we are in a similar situation as we had 2 mobile contracts with O2 that we thoguht had been terminated and where we payed the balance off - We have now received a letter for each stating transferring to Lowells. Whats the address to look out for please? I have PO box 202 Houghton Regis on the letter ehad and 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshie at the bottom. Thanks!
  14. Hmm.. Just read an intersting thread - maybe we should sit and wait and see what happens! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/telecoms-mobile-fixed-internet/265862-o2-demand-out.html
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