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  1. one last thing mr green.......... if you don't know than say so, but if you do know then explain the relevance and legal appplication 1. a dropped kerb is required for access to all residential driveways (explain) 2. does the residency have a legal right of way? ( explain) 3. approach the council (explain) 4. fully explain what you know and your expertise of such matters before requesting more information finally thanks mr green you have been helpful and its all been a joy
  2. thank you all and all the best cheers crem... i will leave it here
  3. crem, my thoughts too. by reporting to the police that their driveway is being blocked they have incriminated themselves by admitting they drive over the kerb as pictured. the police did not see it this way or paid no attention to this and issued a ticket. Crem, in very simple terms is it a driveway? is it an access? where can i find the definitive explanation of a dropped kerb, drive access etc. i have been going around in circles not just here but legally and knowone knowhere can be factual with the application of a dropped kerb
  4. there is no need for a wider pic. i seek clarification of the the relevance of a dropped kerb that's all... what is the point of such a kerb and what and how an residential vehicle access is defined. yes the ticket was issued by the police etc but this is the original photo so you can see no car and no dropped kerb so in two counts there is no offence but what is the point of such a kerb and what and how an vehicle residential is defined?
  5. i realise this but end of the day the question is... as there is no dropped kerb is it a vehicle access?
  6. to add .... can you park where there is no dropped kerb??? see the point now?
  7. what do you mean pointless what you want? You can see at the top of the pic that there is a gap in the wall, the drive access, you can also see there is no dropped kerb. the offending car is nowhere to be seen so how can it be obstructing the so called driveway etc the question is can you park here?
  8. whether it's legal but yes there are 100's of free ( don't pay whatever you do) football streaming websites justintv iraqigoals etc
  9. YES THANK YOU, THO THE POINT BEING IS THERE IS NO DROPPED KERB. THERE IS ALSO NO VEHICLE ON WHAT MIGHT BE CONSIDERED THE DRIVE. OPINIONS PLEASE. i am attempting to send a photo if i can but there is a normal kerb the length of the street minus the dropped kerbs that are used to access ' normal' residential driveways, but in the case i speak about there is no dropped (down) kerb at all...so is it an offence to park over a unsuspecting drive way that has no dropped kerb and get a parking ticket??? sorry all but i don't want us all to be distracted from the major.
  10. if no dropped kerb where can you measure the obstruction from/ look i don't wanna dive into diversions i need people to provide legal fact etc does an vehicular access require a dropped down kerb or not? what is the relevance or does it matter.
  11. FixedPenaltyNotice, offence code 085 'causing an obstruction to a driveway'. i will try and send you a photo but can you explain what you think given what i have written, much appreciated. Any clarification there being no dropped down kerb to driveway etc, i'm very interested in your opinion.
  12. can you park where there is no dropped kerb. aka vehicle crossover? Here it is, on a very quiet residential street a car was parked near a possible driveway but was given a 'obstructing driveway' ticket pcn. It was a very narrow break in the wall just wide enough for a car, narrower than your average drive access but wider than a pedestrian access. However there was no dropped kerb or vehicle parked on the hard standing of the property. Also no road markings or parking restrictions apply on the road in question. Can you park over a driveway that has no dropped kerb? The police have the op
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