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  1. Good point - can they actually do this:eek: Thank you all for your help & advice and sorry for not being able to reply immediately but I am having an absolute nightmare with internet connection at the moment
  2. I seem to be having difficulties in trying to put the documents on site as I do not have a scanner, can anybody assist me in how to do this? Also, today I received a letter from a company called AIG who claim they are now looking after the debt from Amex which means that Newmans and Copes are no longer dealing with this. Does this mean that Newmans have handed the debt back to Amex because I requested the original signed credit agreement and should I send the same request to the new DCA AIG? Given the way in which Newmans and their solicitors dealt with this debt with their thre
  3. Thank you. I do not have access to a scanner so will try to photograph and post on site. I will do this later today as I am now on my way to work. Once again thank you for your help.
  4. Hi there, I am sorry I have not been in touch earlier but was not able to access internet. Much to my surprise and dissappointment Newmans have now sent me my original Amex credit agreement with signature and all. I have to say I did not expect them to have this on file - just my look. I received these docs on Saturday but more surprising is the lack of followup correspondence from either Newmans or their solicitors - Don't get me wrong I am very happy not to have recieved anything but I cannot help feeling that something else is going on in the background! Can any one advice me a
  5. Hi there sorry to bug but can someone please get back to me on my last note as I need to send this letter off. Many thanks
  6. I am so sorry to be a nuisance but just need some clarity on this letter as I am sending out today - thank you. My last letter from **original creditor/DCA** was DATE and intimated that my complaint would be resolved on **DATE**, this obviously hasn’t happened. Do I take this paragraph out as no such letter received? Yes As **original creditor/DCA** Amex are now in default of my Consumer Credit Act request, Subject Access request and have also breached s10 Data Protection Act request , I consider this account to be in SERIOUS DISPUTE. Do I leave this paragraph in? As you are aw
  7. Thank you, that's a lot clearer and helpful.
  8. What do I put in here? I am so sorry for all the questions but have never done this before and want to make sure the correct info is on letter in order to come across as I know what I am talking about or doing (even if I really do not ) Once again thank you so so much for your help and advice - you are all my saviours
  9. Thanks for all the support - I don't know what I would have done if I did not come across this site:D I am hoping the letter I sent today will buy me some time. Do I respond to this letter or just ignore it? Thanks again
  10. A quick update. I have just received this letter in the post from Newman’s solicitors which reads as follows:- RE: Amex Agreement Date: January 2001 Default Date: February 2009 Account No: ---------- Dear Ms . FINAL NOTICE We have been instructed by Newman & Company who have previously written to you / attempted to make contact via the telephone but have still not received payment for this account. This debt needs to be settled immediately to avoid taking legal proceedings being taken and Judgment being obtained which could le
  11. I just wanted to add that after my first telephone dealing with Newmans I was so shocked by their behaviour and attitude that I wrote a letter of complaint to Amex and told them exactly what I thought of Newmans (politely). I then sent a letter to Newmans informing that I have sent this letter to Amex and that I will have no further communication with them untill I had heard back from Amex and I signed the letter - was this a mistake?? I received a response back from Amex saying that they had looked into the matter and were satisfied that Newmans were acting properly and that I should dir
  12. Thank you, I have read your thread - seems like these clowns are doing this sort of thing all the time - it's funny because untill I found this site (godsend) I was naively thinking that I was the only one and taking it quite personally. I've had lots of sleepless nights and the constant feeling of dread! Thank you all so much for your help and advice, it is greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you, sent recorded delivery today - hoping this will give me some time assuming they do not respond straight away.
  14. Thank you. I will post out letter tomorrow as I have now missed post. Hopefully this letter should buy me some desperately needed time.
  15. thank you Mr Ton and ODC. I have to say the temptation to write "Dear cretins/losers or pond life" like ODC states is great but I will resist the temptation! This is a credit card debt. Should I put Newmans ref no. on the letter as well as the account no. Also excuse me if I am being stupid here but do I end the letter with 'yours etc'. Does this letter still apply if they have already passed case to their solicitors? Also, can they force me into bankruptcy (I am told that any creditor you owe more than 750 can petition for this) or put a charge against my property without my conse
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