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  1. I have been wrangling with Air France, and been updating this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?329981-Air-France-long-delay-EU-compensation-regulations-for-600-EUR%281-Viewing%29-nbsp First they claimed that I'm wrong about the regulation entitling me to 600 EUR. Then they claimed "extraordinary circumstances" (technical fault in this case) exempt them- I showed them Buck v Air France and the court ruling. Now their latest claim is that their General Conditions of Carriage exempt them from all liability. I've replied back that their T&C overruling
  2. My response back: Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be contacting the Civil Aviation Authority tomorrow and begin initiating a small claims procedure I found a useful website here, http://ec.europa.eu/transport/passengers/air/air_en.htm
  3. Why didn't you tell one of the staff during the security queue that you were late for your flight? They will usher you to the front of the queue. Also they do several calls for flights when it gets close to boarding to allow people to move to the front. I find it dubious that it took 1.5 hours, as I've been in some very long queues yet they always seem to move fast- 30 mins maximum to go through them. I don't think it looks good for your case. Technically you were late for the flight. If you arrived and checked in around 1 hour before your flight, then others checked in after you and
  4. I'm formulating my action plan against Air France. I just sent this email to mail.wembleycc /at sign/ airfrance.fr (on recommendation from their customer support telephone line). Today it's Saturday. On Monday, I will call them again (which I'll try to record on Skype). If I don't make any progress then I'll call the Civil Aviation Authority to make a complaint. On Wednesday, I'll send a 'letter before action' (any good templates?) to their registered office address here in the UK. I'll restate my claim for 600 EUR and that they haven't paid, and have 14 days together with 8%
  5. ok thank you very much for your advice much appreciated
  6. Hello, This site is fantastic. I wish I had found it before. So informative On the 10th Feb I got a letter, Now in that year I quit after a few months. I have no letter from the LEA and have no employment and a balance of -£600 so obviously I cannot pay. I ignored it. Subsequently they've sent 2 more letters: I see a payment being made and paid for the year 2008 when I didn't even attend the university. Obviously I'm in no situation to pay off this debt, so what are my options? So far I've just been ignoring them. If I ignore them, the worst tha
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