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  1. Sorry about the above reply something strange is happening to the formatting, as such the paragraphs are merging together.
  2. Thank you for your response. I would just like to clarify I have been in touch mainly by email in the process of this complaint, but by putting things in writing, does this mean all correspondence should be via recorded post? I've kept all email correspondence to date. Is there a SAR that is specific to this kind of case? I was thinking something along the lines of this one would suffice? (I've modified a template slightly)
  3. PS any thoughts on my latest response (yet to be sent)?
  4. Hi All, Firstly, thank you for looking. I'm currently in contact with the complaints manager (?) from a company we recently used for a stag party. Initially, I just wanted some form of compensation for being sent to the wrong location for one of the activities this specialist stag party organiser had arranged. We incurred cost for transport above what we should have, and had a 4 hour delay to our day as a result, which meant the entire evening was further delayed. I have been emailing back and forth with the same person who has claimed that we were provided free food and dr
  5. Hi again the_shadow, Just to update, they have posted by hand the information. From what I can understand, what they posted was not acceptance or a defense but was in fact agreement to mediation (?). I'm not too sure what this means, but it sounds like they might have a bit more time. FYI the credit agreement was signed in 2002. Regards, FreD
  6. Just to add- CCA has been requested and produced contrary to one of my earlier posts.
  7. Hi Guys, Thanks again for the help. To update you on the questions raised above- The loan was for a timeshare which defaulted. The debt being chased id for £5000 although the original loan was for £7800 and already £10000 has been paid. GE Capital was the original lender. Court forms were originally issued 28th July. Defence was filed 15th August. New court forms (change of court) were received 26th September. My relatives were in contact with GE explaining they were having difficulty making payments. GE advised them to speak to 'CCCS' and advise a reference number wh
  8. the_shadow, thank you once again for your prompt response, and thank you for the reading material- I'll have a look and find out whether or not acknowledgement has been made. I'll post back when I know more.
  9. Hi 42man, thank you for your help. Further to the above I've read a few posts that suggest 'setting aside'. How does that work? As far as I know my relatives have not requested CCA, might not have requested SAR and are currently calling the financial ombudsman daily pressing for information. I suppose I'm wondering, due to circumstance (retired, financial etc) if there is a way to defer the case so I can get a bit more involved than I am at present and also to gather necessary information to decide how to proceed? Best Wishes, FreD
  10. Hi the_shadow, thank you for your quick response. I will request the thread to be moved and will try to collate as much information as I can this evening. The debt is for a timeshare with a company called GVC (Grand Vacation Club I believe), which was financed through GE and subsequently Santander following the buyout. I don't even know if this GVC still exists- I can't find it on any search. There has been no use of the timeshare at all and from what I can tell it seems there have been some underhanded sales techniques, but of course these things are difficult to prove. My relatives
  11. Hi All, I write on behalf of relatives who are being chased by Link Financial. I'm afraid I don't have too much information on the case but I do know that a response is required by the court by Monday 12th October. As far as I'm aware, they have gone through the process of changing the court to attend. I know that it's a bit vague but it's similar by the sound of it to a thread I read by emandcole here, and would like to take the opportunity to thank emandcole for the great work they've done already which might help my relatives! I will keep reading in the meantime but any advic
  12. I've also started receiving them again- not quite as frequently, but I have had Flying Blue award miles added from my e-rewards account, so I can't agree that it's a con in that respect. I'm testing the water a little further with a supposed series which should earn me £130 Amazon vouchers- will keep you posted if this one is followed up...
  13. The points you make are untrue. I've spoken with the offline team who have confirmed that the homemovers have 2 options- either to restart the contract as you describe, or to set it at 3 months from the move date. I was misinformed by BT at the time of moving that my contract for Broadband was transferrable and so I was under the impression that my 18 month contract would still run to November, but BT have confirmed that I will not be liable to buying out the contract as they changed it to take me out of it (the three months are up). I am aware that the phone line is a separate issue and
  14. Well following the arduous home move, things have been ticking along fine until Saturday, when I received a bill that upped my direct debit from £41 to £76 a month! Cost of calls came to just over £2 so it's not that my DD's aren't anywhere near where they should be... A call to BT subsequently lead to a few other things coming to light- I still had an account open at my old address (although it was later discovered that it was not a chargeable service), and my contract had been restarted without my consent (new 18month contract started at my new address instead of old contract rolling on
  15. MWACUK- thank you for the response, and sorry for my delayed response, I thought I would get email notification of a reply to a thread I'm involved in? I've left it with nPower as the Executive team could only up my offer from £30 to £50 for the misinformation I'd receive... thanks very much but it doesn't come close to the near £400 I'm persuing... Out of interest, what is an EOD? Also, if you could possibly confirm whether they do charge or not that would be mighty useful! Cheers. FJ
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