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  1. I took my car into a Mr. Clutch yesterday as the clutch went. He later informed me that it ws in fact the pedal box that was broken and he repleced it. There is, however, an EPS warning light that has come up on the dash whilst he has had it. He says that it is ok to drive and that I can take it away today if i like. I have told him that i am not comfortable having to fix the light issue on my own as it has occured whilst in his 'care'. The light issue is intermitent and tbh, probably isn't an issue, However, it'll probably cost me to get it fixed when i get my MOT. Where do i
  2. Not that this is too relevant - but I'm a girl I will ignore them, but they have definatly scared me into paying..BUT I WONT!.. Thanks for helping me! x
  3. What if they actually take me to court though? This can happened can't it?... With regards to parking in places they don't allow - The ticket officer that always patrols our carpark, has given me a ukpc/travel lodge car pakring pass so I'm aloud to park in any spot (and he told me not to tell ukpc he gave me it)..., we also have one residence parking space (how ever we have 2 cars so only one of us uses that) The photo they took of my car, has missed out half my windscreen where the parking pass was placed...so surely they can't take me to court wth enough evidence can they?....
  4. Hi all - Very famililar with this site, and have previously had a ticket from ukpc (which control the parking to the flat I live in)... I ignored the first one, and after 2 letters I never heard from them again. About 2 months ago - recieved another parking ticket (Even though my parking pass was clearly displayed!) how ever I just ignored it and hoped like the first one it would go away... It hasn't. I have been inadated with threatening letters, which are now going on about solicitors and courts fees. Do I continue to ignore them, or do I take action?
  5. Ok - we'll get working on the letter and getting the photos together, then ill post it back here to get feedback! thanks for the advice so far..! x
  6. The location written down on the reciept is actually not where the car was - he wrote the wrong town - does this help in any way?
  7. Im writting this thread on behalf of my friend... Today she popped into town on her lunch break, and when she returned to her car - it was clamped. This is a parking spot she parks at quite frequently, and until today she has never noticed the signs. So her car is clamped and she has to ring up 'whites company' and they come out and charge her £150 to release the clamp. she gets a receipt. I know the deal with private parking tickets companies - but where do you stand with private companys clamping? is there any hope she can claim her money back? can you remove a clamp?
  8. I just wanted to say thank you all for the adivce on ignoring the letter/parking ticket ticket I recieved... I did recieve a rather threatening letter a week after this demanding payment, and ignored that too. been about 3 weeks now and heard NOTHING from them! so hopefully they've left me alone! Thanks again guys!
  9. Thank you for your response Crem - my letter says if unapid within 28 days they will forward the outstanding amount to a debt recovery agency....if i recieve letters from them do I just ignore them too?
  10. Hi I have reccently recieved in the post a 'Charge Certificate' from UKPC LTD demanding i pay £80 from an offence that occured on the 21-feb-09. The letter includes a photgraph of the rear of my car, but with no time or date on the photo. The incident was in a shared car park for residents and for shoppers for a aldi store. I am a resient at one of the flats, and we currently only have 1 permit which is used by my partner. When my ticket was being issued i ran down to my car and explained to the officer i live there, how ever he said there was nothing he can do as he had alr
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