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  1. Update After many months with the financial ombudsman, Santander have agreed to pay me back 25% of all my payments + Deposit + £250 goodwill +8% interest. I accepted as on working everything out I have put 20K on the clock and had the vehicle for over 18 months, works out I hired it for less than £20 a week! They collected the car within a week and cheque arrived following day. Only problem now is Santander collection dept dont seem to know and keep sending default notices. It may have taken a while but I feel it was worth the fight. I feel sorry for the person that will buy it from
  2. Heliosuk, No it's still not fixed, Ford had it in for repair again (no 6 or 7), dash out etc and they kept it for nearly 2 months, waiting for rain!!! within 2 days of getting it back it was raining and leaking again. Dealership are not really interested as they've been paid and the finance company are passing the buck back to the dealership, surprise surprise! And Ford customer care say their files are closed since the dealership made me what they call a reasonable offer. Funny how all other Ford staff I've spoken to are pretty shocked at how unreasonable Ford are being and that I should
  3. Update Another unsatisfactory replacement offered by Ford, 6 months older than mine and different colour!! and no consideration of any compensation. All correspondence now in the hands of the Financial Ombudsman, I've been warned this can take a good few months. will keep updating in case my experience can help anyone else.
  4. Update, no internet for last week! Firstly thanks Heliosuk for PM, will reply later. Santander have rejected my rejection as they feel a, 2nd hand replacement, b, original Ka back as ford 'have repaired it' c, New Ka (horrible) and I pay the difference (which is huge) are suitable offers, if I'm not happy then to take this to the financial ombudsman. Ford have today collected the courtesy car (no notice, a call early to tell me a driver had left) and returned my Ka (+ some scratches on paintwork!) even though I have rejected it. I got dealership to email me outlining that th
  5. Consumer direct have said to write a final letter before court but I musn't be seen to be the one not negotiating. Ford said No to refund, off the record because I've driven the car around and put 10000K on the clock, that I should have stopped driving as soon as reported faulty, how? everytime it's been in for repair they have said its mended so I drive it (the whole idea of a car) until the next time i'm driving in the rain, only for the fault to re-occur. Any idea's? this has been dragging on for just under a year since the 1st repair, I'm so stressed and I feel I'm being pressured into
  6. Wrote to Santander again, standard letter from with advice from consumer direct, rescinding my contract, after Ford taking so long. Today Ford have been in touch offering me a 2nd hand car as a replacement!! I've rejected the offer and told there is no way they will give a refund. Back to Consumer Direct as soon as I'm home and taking Ford to court. They currently have my Ka, declared SORN in their lock up and I'm waiting for them to collect the courtesy car that I've had for 2 months whilst they've been messing around.
  7. Update My Dealership have rejected the Ka from Ford, the field engineer inspected yesterday and I'm waiting to hear his report. Finance got back to me yesterday and they also are waiting for the report, I have let them know I'm not prepared to take a 2nd hand replacement, I was told I do not have to accept what Ford offer, but to wait to hear what they come up with. I saw a solicitor on a free 1/2 hour consultation months ago so cannot go back unless I have money to pay (i dont) I'm being cautious as I have been Bankrupt in the past and have only just regained the ability to get credit
  8. Could really do with some help here, Finance and Ford and Trading Standards all telling me different things! Santander telling me Dealership has contacted Ford so wait. Ford telling me wait for field engineer, as that is what Ford have told them, but they are looking into a replacement of same age (1 yr) with same mileage (problem 1, over 1000 miles been put on travelling to and for for repairs, dealership is 250 mile round trip) Trading Standards telling me I need to write again to finance to rescind agreement. I am waiting on call from finance as cant get through to right dept so hav
  9. First time I had contact with them, they sent out satisfaction quality forms where I got my chance to list all the times it had been in for repair. I've been contacted by Santander this morning and the Dealership has reported my car as returned under SOGA now and are waiting for a Ford Field engineer to inspect the vehicle, approx 2 weeks. Seeing as it has been in 5/6 times now, they've had the dash out several times I dont see what he's going to find. After his inspection I will be contacted again to discuss how to proceed. I am still paying but not sure what to do about my insurance a
  10. My Ka has been back to purchasing dealership and returned, still leaking, I contacted finance company (Santander) and they in turn decided Ford could have 1 last try at repair (I had sent a standard letter from trading standards giving 14 days for either refund or replacement) as they supposedly have new equipment to detect water leaks!! Returned today, opened the passenger door whilst their driver was here and the floor was wet!! He has taken my Ka back again and left me with the courtesy car. Not sure where to go next, Ford apparently have a replacement scheme but the problem is they no l
  11. I've just spoken with a solicitor (free 1/2 hr) and been told it is too late to reject the car, he's saying it has to be really early on, like 4 weeks max. His other advice was just to write to original dealer to claim compensation and make sure repair is done properly, as explained before I would have to deliberately drive in heavy rain! not always possible. If I reject, do I need to take the car to the dealer? obviously if it stays with me I have the insurance etc
  12. Hi, I'm new here I'm not sure what to do next I bought a new Ford Ka 58 plate in Sept 08 from a dealership 150 miles from home, fully financed by GE Money. Got it home and partner noticed a penny size dent on both sides, hard to find due to shine. As the dents were not causing problem I waited a few weeks to book it in due to work commitments. Late October I noticed the passenger footwell was wet, thought maybe something spilt, it didn't dry out and realised it got worse when driving in the rain. Phoned original dealer and booked appt for following week and get dents pulled at same t
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