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  1. The property may well be exempt from council tax for at least 6 months. There are full exemptions applying to properties left unfurnished for up to 6 months - can you partner prove she has moved (i guess her sick pay claim will have moved with her)? Also, if she needed looking after and had to move elsewhere to be looked after, there is an exemption for this too. I can look up the exact exemption codes for you to quote and draft a letter for you to the council if you let me have some more info. In the meantime, keep your windows and doors locked and don't open the door to t
  2. I have had years of living under the threat of almost immediate repossession from my Building Society. I fell into arrears in 2001 and went to Court where the judge granted a suspended repossession order on the basis that I clear the arrears in a certain period of time, which I did. Since then, whenever I fall behind by a single payment, the letters from the Building Society and their solicitors come thick and fast and they send out someone to my property to tell me what I already know and, of course, put all the charges on to my account. Within a few days of missing t
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