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  1. Hi. I work for a company that supplies medical aids. I sell direct to the public. my company has a subsidiary company that provides credit to enable customers to buy the medical aids. one of my customers bought a medical aid about 10 months ago on a 18 month credit agreement. I filled in the credit application forms and the customer signed. The credit company agreed the credit and I was paid commission on the full value of my sale. Now nearly a year later the credit company inform me that the customer has defaulted on her credit payments and they are going to take back the proportion of the
  2. Thanks for the prompt replies guys.....shame that its the way you say but thats it then...guess I just have to stop taking holidays!!! Cheers again. What a great site by the way.
  3. Hi I earn a poor basic salary which is increased dramatically by commission on sales I make. My basic salary is £14500 but my total pay including commission will be about £35k this year. currently when I take holiday I am paid 1/52 of £14500 per week My query is how much should I get for a weeks holiday pay/ Should it be 1/52 of £14500 or 1/52 of £35000? I have not asked this question at work (of course) but wonder am I getting robbed when I take holidays? Any thoughts? And how should I persue this without being labelled a trouble maker? thanks
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