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  1. Ok just an update. I managed to speak to someone in the Revenue Collection department of my council who to say the least was right on the ball. She explained that the bailiff had levied on a car my daughter drives and that was on the first Notice of Distress left towards the end of February. I explained that the Notice had nothing on other than the outstanding c/t, court costs, and exorbitant fees. That's when she asked me to email all the documentation asap, which I did. She in turn contacted Newlyn giving explicit instructions to remove the levy on that Notice as it contained no detail
  2. The car not only doesn't belong to me I can't even recall seeing it in the road. It's not a vehicle belonging to someone who was even visiting so how can they charge a levy on a random car? Also can someone give me a link to the template I need the Rental mentioned? Sorry I don't know where to look.
  3. Well it seems I'm near enough in the same position as Rental Company. I've just spoken to my council tax office and they say that Newlyn visited me on two previous occasions according to Newlyn's records, but I've never received any correspondence. They manage to leave two Notices of Distress in full view of the building, yet nothing prior to that. I tried to explain to the council tax officer that their charges are illegal as they can only charge for two visits, and I had already asked for a breakdown of charges, but all he said is their fees are correct. Even when I informed him I'd
  4. Unfortunately I only found out after I sent the cheque they may use that towards their fees, so am contacting the council first thing in the morning. I've also been told that the amounts you state are the only ones I should be paying. I could kick myself for sending them anything at all. The made a levy on a car that is nothing to do with me or anyone in my home, but a debt counsellor did advise me not to leave my own car anywhere they can see it as they may remove that, so looks like I'll have to park a couple of streets away until this is resolved. They can't get in my house as it's
  5. I'm currently battling with Newlyns over a council tax debt. They left a Notice of Distress in lobby of my block out of its envelope. Their charges were for approc £180, so I called them asking for a breakdown of this charge. They said I had to ask in writing which I did, also enclosing a cheque for the outstanding Council Tax plus court costs. They sent a two line letter acknowledging receipt of my letter. By the way their letter was actually dated the 2nd February yet they only contacted me for the very first time on the 25th February. The cheque has gone through my bank but today
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