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  1. Hi elsa , i do believe it is . I have also seen it on on the old system but cannot on the new one . I just changed my number and did ex directory and carefull where i dished out the new number . Sorry i cant help any more 8-)
  2. HELLO anyone tried a full and final with provident , ive tried on behalf of my partner whos suffering financially , is a carer so not earning millions , and outstanding balance is £350 . i sent of a f&f letter and cheque for £200 and twice they have pushed the cheque through the door without so much as a scribble . i thought i was being very generous i have explained she cannot afford it etc i sent the f and f to the local office as opposed to the head office should i try that . no doubt they ll threaten a dca namely their in house one , and i ve thought about just telling them
  3. sorry to be off topic but why does the statute barred exist when things like this below happen , so why cant we also claim back further in time The MoD, the arms deal and a 30-year-old bill for £400m - Home News, UK - The Independent
  4. ok roller coaster so far , mcs apealled , had order to amend poc this i done even though i received the order 4days before it was due , managed to send of two days before due day via guaranteed delivery , had a letter saying it was struck out because i failed to get the amended poc in on time , tosh , sent letter asking for a re refferal after tel them and complaining big time , i am trying to believe it was because they have a large backlog and not some sinister reason my mind says on odd ocassions . done re refferal together with copies of postage etc and copies of their envelopes clearly
  5. court date may 24ish had hearing ref amended poc , the fc didnt show kel surprize, judge asked if i wanted this to be a test case ? did shake my head to that , was asked to make my poc shorter , done hearing fee s paid tried to get some relief on those managed £55 off
  6. Lifetime Acheivement Award Goes To ? WRITING (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY)
  7. yes i agree patricq1 , would be nice to do a petition and send or present this to them cag oscar
  8. i know that the amount i am claiming is not life changing but ref a dca chasing you while your accounts in dispute is . for them to think they can opperate outside of all the rules and regs etc and if the same company did try and get a dca on the case whilslt my accounts are in a clear dispute , a number of times with a number of dca s it all adds up to a lot of letter writing. if i manage to win against this lot i will have a further 7 to chase . and chase i will although i am sure being mcs s local cc they find fault or deliver papers a day before a reply is needed as thay seem to keep
  9. 3 copies of application notice done 3 n1 s done as well as all claim details and evidence done took all to the court . they informed me the district judge will look at the amended poc etc today paid the fee so tfc here i come hopefully although i bet the court ll find a reason even though i triple checked it all
  10. Ok have done amended poc and re sent via overnight delivery , be there for 1pm tom , re done the N1 , was informed by bcc no further fee applies but did copy the original online claim form as well as a covering letter done a application notice also etc sent three copies of all and sent a copy to mcs
  11. I PUT A COPY OF THE BIRM ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF TRANSFER FOR ENFORCEMENT http://i707.photobucket.com/albums/ww74/charley22123/img062.jpg
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